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Posted on July 7, 2018 in News

The theme of envelope weight since some years that is fairly addressed, we have heard from pills and machines miraculous to make you reduce sizes in record time, the point is, that in the majority of cases these articles are a fraud or are far too expensive, so much so much of people are deceived or can simply not buy this product. Due to the need for millions of people to lose weight and to the problems mentioned above, is that they have arisen countless useful and simple techniques for weight reduction, some of these techniques advise eating little and in other cases, up almost dying of hunger, in particular I believe that the real secret is in what you eat and not in the amountHere are a simple, useful and inexpensive plan that you can lose up to 7 kilograms of weight in just a week, logically if you follow the directions and avoid eating some foods that we show you here. THE fat burning diet technique for weight reduction we’ll apply is based on the daily consumption of a food that burn fat stored in our body, please click of pure vegetable and a little seasoning, this in order to give more flavor to the food, but without increasing the calories in it. This can be consumed at any time of the day and in the amounts deemed to be appropriate (to satisfy) since the constant consumption of the same speeds up the process of elimination of fat and hence weight reduction. For the preparation of the diet, we will need the following: 06 onions big size.

06 Tomatoes without Peel. 02. Green peppers. 01. Details can be found by clicking Jim Hackett or emailing the administrator. Cube of chicken broth. 01. Celery attached. 01 Cabbage.

Preparation: Cut all vegetables into pieces and boil them in a large pot for 10 minutes, later this simmer until all vegetables are cooked, although this plan focuses on the consumption of a food which we have called diet fat burning, does not mean that what you eat will be only said food, this will be consumed in combination with other foods that we will be detailing in his time. THE first 3 days first day: this day you must eat only food base in combination with fresh fruit, except for plantains or bananas, eat fruits low in calories such as melon and sandia, in addition to consuming only juices, tea, coffee without sugar and of course, water. Second day: this day we will replace fruits fresh vegetables or canned, raw, or steam, if prefer them sewn better still, but is recommended to sew them into the broth of the diet, and without additives, it is very important to eat vegetables with green leaves and are consumed on a par with the diet, at the end of the day you can eat a potato with butter. Third day: this day we can eat our food base with fruits and vegetables, or the combination of the previous two days, excluding bananas, bananas or potatoes. If the plan has been followed according to the instructed, changes from this point may be seen, after the third day we shall have lost between 2 and 3 kg of weight, always and When you have complied with directions. Martty. We agree that a diet economic and easy to prepare is the first push to carry it out, access to more articles like this on the blog of martty.