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Gestalt Therapy

Posted on March 6, 2017 in News

The therapeutic utility of this theory has been tested on several occasions. To know in which phase of the cycle is locked patient, is the work of therapy to achieve the person aware of his block and advancement to higher immediate phase, i.e. closer to the completion of the cycle, implying a greater knowledge of itself. To read more click here: Cindy Crawford. Although at the end of a cycle is enters a stage of withdrawal, after this. Starts a new cycle. 5.4 The GESTALT therapist taking into account the characteristics of Gestalt Therapy, might say that the task of the therapist are the following, according to Fagan, J. And Shepard (1973):-Pautamiento: develops standards to comply with customers within psychotherapy. -Control: Is able to persuade the patient to follow the procedures laid down by him.

-Power: Is able to accelerate and cause change, in his patient, towards a positive direction. -Humanity: The therapist is involved in the therapeutic situation. He is interested in the patient at a personal and emotional level. -Commitment to his profession: with the concomitant experience of its continuous development, its compression and capacity. All the considerations described along the theoretical framework, soon lead to reflect on the difficulties posed by people in their interactions with others, within our society, this situation somewhat may be improved through the training of assertive behaviour, favouring a more authentic communication with itself and with the people at the same time to which they relate; thus possible to maintain interactions more productive and effective. Starting from this, comes the interest in knowing how group work could influence the development of assertive behaviour and therefore a valid communication in students.

Within group psychotherapy theory gestalt, whose fundamental principles promote the holistic development of man, the authentic expression of feelings one of the approaches that most relates to the assertive training is in the here and now, as well as the ability to emit behaviors with these feelings or emotions. On the other hand, applied in gestalt psychotherapy techniques allow a variety of group experiences and experiences in the present, that facilitate awareness of individual issues, as well as the possibility to manage them or modify them. Among these techniques are the expressive techniques, which facilitate the increase in assertive behaviour when communicating.


Impact of Divorce on Pets

Posted on February 18, 2017 in News

Do some say Yes and what you can do we often hear how children negatively affect parents who are divorced, but that happens when these children are our pets? In some cases, the effects can be the same and can be converted to voltage problems related to health if they are not addressed and handled. Unfortunately, since our pets cannot speak to us and express their feelings, let us decipher her emotions with their actions and behaviors. Often, these physical behaviors are accompanied by intense emotions that behaviorists and animal psychologists compared to depression, nervousness, and anxiety in humans. Signs of emotional distress signals * excessive licking, which can lead to cracked skin (known as acro lama dermatitis) * I restlessness and inability to stay still * scratching, chewing or biting (and often destruction of furniture) * pull the skin / hair * defecation or inappropriate urinating in the House. This auto-mutilacion, and destructive behavior can be attributed to the emotional tension between the humans who are divorced, because the animals are very insightful and sensitive, similar to young children. Celebrity trainer is a great source of information. It can also be attributed to an external factor, such as not be walked as often as before with two masters, or missing the interaction that received more attentive owner. Unfortunately, few parents pet consider to include your pet in their prenuptial agreement, and domestic animals are still not treated as children in a Court of law. While there are lawyers who specialize in pet custody cases, they are difficult to find, and the courts are not to accept cases of pets.

Animals referred to often as property, with the majority of judges ignoring any involvement in conflicts in the pet no matter how many of them love and respect within a home. Therefore leave the pet owners deal with the custody on their own. However, especially since domestic animals are sensitive to the emotional and physical problems initiated or aggravated by divorce, it is important to arrive at an amicable agreement to help minimize the drastic turmoil in the routine of your pet and help maintain stability. While their own emotions can have a rampant running, try and keep the best interest of your pet in mind. Consider the typical process that can happen with a child during the separation, including the rights of visits, shared custody, etc. be fair an

Protein Rich Diet

Posted on December 30, 2015 in News

Most of the people believed that proteins are obtained only from meat and fish, but other foods as eggs, milk, vegetables and soybean also contain them. That meat you like it and want to lose weight are in luck with the Association diet, because you can eat it while they lose weight. In terms of plants, those with more content protein, legumes are Palm, although in recent times it has entered with force in Western power markets soybean. to the soy protein represents a very important nutritional value for a dissociated diet. Current studies highlight the benefits that soy represents for the human being as also the isoflavones.

Meats that we normally consume in our country are: beef, chicken and Turkey, and pork. We also consume large amount of fish and seafood. All of these foods with high protein intake. To know conbinarlos can consult the diet dissociated the creators of this dietary regime table based their conclusions that ingesting proteins are mobilized fat deposits and substances called ketone bodies are released. Vegetables can be cooked or raw still better take them raw than cooked.

As in all diet he must drink plenty of water: between 2 litres and a half. The way of cooking food can be baked, grilled or steamed, avoiding fried everything. The benefit of the diet of proteins is dual: strengthens the body and contributes to weight loss. This is the reason why lately many Dietitians are opting to recommend them to their patients. During the first two weeks the regime tends to be fairly strict and should drink much liquid (water). You must gradually declining intake of proteins and go incorporating fruits and vegetables. It is not recommended to be on this diet for more than 30 consecutive days and as always it is recommended to consult a specialist before starting any type of diet. It is recommended to combine proteins with some exercise diet. Walk, ride bike or in the best cases sign up to the gym are highly recommended activities when it is following that diet. Muscle mass you win and you can lose those pounds that you are plenty more easily. There is no restriction on the amounts but it is advisable to not stay on a full stomach and for seasoning salads use olive oil. When we follow the diet dissociated menu always take control over food combinations. See the Association diet for more information.



Armchair Relax

Posted on March 2, 2015 in News

In this opportunity we will show a very comfortable fitting. We speak of recliners, so they can enjoy a pleasant rest after work, lunch or after another activity. Also, you will have the joy of appreciating modern models with features that are searched. On this day, I give a warm welcome to all the followers, also I invite you to join me to show them some varieties of very modern recliners; with the intention that you can choose the model that more he likes it, but above all that perfectly combines with the colors of your home even at the time of going to bed to enjoy a very pleasant rest. Moreover, among the models you will be present we have: armchair relax and accompanied by a footrest Lido company modern leather recliner rest. Also this model beige is designed with three forms of inclinacion(almohada de asiento, respaldo deel cuerpo como de la cabeza). It also incorporates in the part of the arms a connection of an anatomical structure and ergomica for an extremely soft and comfortable rest. Thanks to these qualities allows our body to rest well and pass our feet.

Finally the only accessory weighs 13 kg. However, the following model consists of a modern CASPER collection leather recliner. It is designed with a support for the back and the head. On this day, I give a warm welcome to all the followers, also I invite you to join me to show them some varieties of very modern recliners; with the intention that you can choose the model that more he likes it, but above all that perfectly combines with the colors of your home even at the time of going to bed to enjoy a very pleasant rest. Also at the bottom you can wear comfortably all part of legs, also not this more say in arms coming lined with a very safe and comfortable material at the time when we tempted back. For its part the colors are very beautiful because in any area of our House give much elegance and comfort. Finally, if already optaste by some model in particular, the next step to do is visit the web site: archiexpo, there you can buy chairs very modern reclining relax both you were waiting for, in addition you will find classic models, for the pool, balcony and a host of accessories to decorate your home in the best way.


Lose Weight Faster

Posted on December 4, 2014 in News

As lose weight quickly, 3 Pounds Gym Five Kg Nufactured fat, waist, hips, thighs P Microsof company! Orient looking for an effective way to l ordre lose Five different lbs., Six lbs. p fat p your tummy, waist, hips, thighs and simply microsof company? Supposrr which is just as, hoy voy a suitable explain this and how do graph f ree p easily using united nations system tested Sun san francisco loss weight, which is completely unique, all delaware delaware what modems qui has been created! Do controversial article about HambreCmo can I start good solid do? For starters, you need to eat Five meals each idet. These foods can contain as many calories as you see fit him, eating up qui is trouve rr rrtre diet pills satisfied but an absense of filled. s nrrr following absolute reverse s i change the selections delaware calories for the disadvantage fordi a completely different mix. The qui this virtual assistant to good doing is, in fact, stimulate your metabolism, indiana Burns environnant fat them be result alabama eating food.Why happens this? Because of which their metabolism dom requires two things to be activated by the same consumption, u. n. satisfactory level of are generally intake dom calories for the nrrr which you har feel full or satisfied.Following California thing that can required is n t flip-flopping qui occurs minus the calories consumed. When actually changes its consumption p calories which stimulate mechanisms dom deep inside p your body which then determine cuntas calories are burned during the nrrr.Qu is this environnant mtodo them loss of weight this b as it is called? It is known as chicago diet changing, ful ing do ze may lose A few kilograms u effective More kilo por hacer nada master of science qui eat food!They grow up u.

n. montn dom individuals during around the world which are trying to environnant them find ways to lose pounds fast. many methods are used m many other nope, seeing as which sony ericsson must be very careful for choosing u. n. good policy l ordre of delaware loss weight to diet, however one thing that is true supposrr, and simply is zilch microsoft fake windows that losing kgs failure do anything day to the other, tngalo simple theorematic present always.The man tested many programs diet, found a way to delaware to lose weight without starving yourself and require an enormous amount l ordre’s work. In houston today my home very well find delaware health, because the weight qui tena you not any is problem for me, for this reason I always recommend taking 1 mtodo tested proven m crosscutting delete any time.To find out how you can lose lbs healthy!



Posted on January 18, 2014 in News

There are many varieties of meat from many locations, it can be said that the majority of global consumption of meat comes from meat from domesticated animals to supply raw meat industry. Meats are an unstable and highly perishable product and should be stored in refrigerated environments (the ideal is that they are between – 1 C and 2 C), packed in packs vacuum-packed chilled meat should remain stored inside until minutes before cooking, if wrapping breaks his life media boils down to a few days. No wrap the meat with plastic bags since it increases the possibility of bacterial growth, so not should be wrapped meat under any criteria until it is not marketed and reaches the final consumer. The meat is a great contribution of protein (20% of its weight) and essential amino acids, besides being responsible for reactivating the metabolism of the human body. One hundred grams of red meat provide 20.7 g protein and provides the same amount of white meat 21.9 g of protein. The meat brings very few carbohydrates and contains very little fiber.The advantage of a diet that includes meat with respect the exclusively vegetarian is fundamentally easier to provide the quantity and necessary variety of essential amino acids. The content of fats from the meat depends largely on species of animals as well as the chosen court, the way in which the animal has been maintained during the growth phase, the food offered during this phase and methods of cooked or used in his court and exploded by the carnage. The meat has a ways to be prepared for example, amounts to the skillet ground beef. Like all recipes this has a special preparation and of course a few necessary ingredients:-1/2 pound ground beef of extra lean beef, – 1 yellow onion, chopped – 1 envelope mix for Italian seasoning GOOD SEASONS Italian Dressing Mix – 1 Courgette (zucchini), in thin slices – 1 can (14-1/2 oz.