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  • February 17th, 2017
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  • Leon Beardman

Sam glucosamine – an amino acid which the body naturally produces from sugar and amino acid glutamine. It is formed and functions in the body naturally. Normally the body gets it from food. Glucosamine is very useful for organism, as well as contributes to the replacement and reconstruction of weak or damaged cells. How effective glyukozaminovy complex? Clinical trials of the active ingredient glyukozaminovogo complex showed that it effect significantly affects the skin. In just 4 weeks your skin will look noticeably younger.

And with continued use of the results will be even more impressive: Up to 57% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and lines * 55% decrease in the depth of wrinkles * 51% increase in moisturization * 45% increase in skin radiance and clarity * 40% Skin Care ** 23% increase in skin elasticity ** The test results of active glyukozaminovogo complex: * after 3 months regular use of ** after 4 weeks of regular use in the composition of Skin Activator is not the collagen and the components that contribute to natural production of skin. Technology Skin Activator, which is based on a formula with glyukozaminovym complex oriented to the production of collagen, making a new step to skin renewal. Skin Activator offers you 5 means purposefully acting on the skin area, particularly prone to aging. Skin Activator moisturizes, nourishes, firms and protect your skin. Status of wrinkles and lines, smoothness, clarity and radiance – this could all change in just a few weeks. What are these 5 products? Day Lotion, eye cream, cream for the neck, chest and neckline, a night regenerating cream, lip.

If there are signs of aging, Skin Activator helps your skin look more youthful and fresh (the first signs of aging can appear from 25 years). Mature skin, these beauty products will help look more smooth and youthful, to reduce the depth of wrinkles and lines. Help your skin maintain its youth and health Eat a balanced Drink enough water Set aside time for physical Exercise Allocate time for rest and sleep Every day, properly clean and tone the skin, nourish and moisturize it every day with quality cosmetics. Protect your skin from the harmful effects ultraviolet (UVA radiation iUVB) Use cosmetic products, which help the skin produce enough collagen