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Posted on March 12, 2017 in News

The purpose of the course is synonymous with in these dates of tiredness and hours that removed a day to study. And is that it gives like that is the selectivity, oppositions or the Institute. It is time driven elbow. For this reason and to make it easier to take with energy this final straight Saboreateycafe (), the network of establishments specializing in the purchase and taste of teas – always with a designation of origin, traceability and labeling – just launched concentrates – tea, an infusion that can be found in all of their establishments both Spain and Portugal. .. With this healthy and refreshing drink, we want to help all those people who are now before their exams that they say goodbye to the tiredness and they can concentrate compared their notes, said Mario Rubio, President of Saboreateycafe. This way you will not have to resort to beverages with caffeine, which much damage produced in the stomach and so little digestive are, adds.

The flight of the fly will not be a problem with concentrated-tea, infusion created in the laboratories of Saboreateycafe, the energy and the concentration that occurs when you drink it is such that we don’t hog nor of the flight of a fly. The drink is 100% natural and is made from the following ingredients. Black tea. Polyphenols, or what is the same, antioxidants is composed of those who serve to eliminate free radicals from the body. It is very digestive and relieves stomach problems. Ginseng for its rich composition of minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins is excellent to avoid fatigue or stress. Green cardamom.

This diuretic is used for cleaning the body of excess fluids or unwanted toxins. Its intake causes increases the production of urine and the kidneys are released. This ginger a tuber originating in Asia is a perfect dilator glass. It increases the blood supply. Cinnamon. Fibers, minerals, potassium, iron and other components that comprise are used to make good digestions. Nail and natural aroma. These species give the perfect smell.