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  • March 06th, 2017
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The therapeutic utility of this theory has been tested on several occasions. To know in which phase of the cycle is locked patient, is the work of therapy to achieve the person aware of his block and advancement to higher immediate phase, i.e. closer to the completion of the cycle, implying a greater knowledge of itself. To read more click here: Cindy Crawford. Although at the end of a cycle is enters a stage of withdrawal, after this. Starts a new cycle. 5.4 The GESTALT therapist taking into account the characteristics of Gestalt Therapy, might say that the task of the therapist are the following, according to Fagan, J. And Shepard (1973):-Pautamiento: develops standards to comply with customers within psychotherapy. -Control: Is able to persuade the patient to follow the procedures laid down by him.

-Power: Is able to accelerate and cause change, in his patient, towards a positive direction. -Humanity: The therapist is involved in the therapeutic situation. He is interested in the patient at a personal and emotional level. -Commitment to his profession: with the concomitant experience of its continuous development, its compression and capacity. All the considerations described along the theoretical framework, soon lead to reflect on the difficulties posed by people in their interactions with others, within our society, this situation somewhat may be improved through the training of assertive behaviour, favouring a more authentic communication with itself and with the people at the same time to which they relate; thus possible to maintain interactions more productive and effective. Starting from this, comes the interest in knowing how group work could influence the development of assertive behaviour and therefore a valid communication in students.

Within group psychotherapy theory gestalt, whose fundamental principles promote the holistic development of man, the authentic expression of feelings one of the approaches that most relates to the assertive training is in the here and now, as well as the ability to emit behaviors with these feelings or emotions. On the other hand, applied in gestalt psychotherapy techniques allow a variety of group experiences and experiences in the present, that facilitate awareness of individual issues, as well as the possibility to manage them or modify them. Among these techniques are the expressive techniques, which facilitate the increase in assertive behaviour when communicating.