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Electronic Archive

Posted on April 25, 2018 in News

Vast archives of journals, books and records kept for several years, and rather than a basement, with the rapid technological development are becoming less popular, because this amount of information can be stored on the hard Implementing this type of data storage due to the time: nowadays every company needs a systematic reporting of contracts, credit – financial performance and other documents. Electronic Archive – is increase the productivity of the State, people no longer need to spend in the archives of more than one hour in order to provide the customer with the necessary drawing or contract. Rand Paul can provide more clarity in the matter. Electronic archive – a savings, because it would cost a lot cheaper than the maintenance of the premises for the storage market. You can be assured of keeping your records, and you can not worry about information leakage, no wonder they say: an electronic archive – it's confidential and safety, reliability and consistency. The basis for the launch of an electronic archive of the program are scanning a document by which the documents from the printed version are recorded in an electronic. Directly Scanning of documents is preceded by their ordering, the removal of digitizing printed or handwritten documents (drawings), sorting, as the integrity of documents, paper clips and staples for trouble free scanning. Next carried out the process of scanning a selection of required settings for each type of material, fortunately, the program scans were created by professionals, they have provided all the complexities of the process. Store received electronic documents in the required format – the final stage. The most common formats – a pdf and jpeg. Electronic document management system, which came to replace the usual delovodstvu is also important. As an electronic archive, electronic document management system improves employee productivity by providing automated delovodstva (approval of orders and contracts, providing the required documentation, etc.

Beauty Makeup Eye Color

Posted on April 18, 2018 in News

Masks for Beauty. Winter – season first in a "stress" for the body, and hair in particular. Hair becomes brittle, dull, often fall out and obey only the laws of electrostatics. The main causes of disease – lack of vitamins, sudden changes in temperature, dry air in our homes and offices. What do you do to stay healthy, shiny hair and beauty even in the winter? The hair was not brittle and dull, they need Calcium – its a lot of dairy products, cottage cheese, figs and grapes.

That hair does not fall out, they need a zinc-deficient to help fight the meat, herring, fish, carrots, peas and nuts. The beautiful color of hair gives you a manganese, which a lot of cereals, tea, apples, plums in, cranberries, sea buckthorn, beets. In winter, make sure to once or twice a week, a hydrating mask (they are imposed directly before washing, using a special brush or sponge). Honey mask. Mix one egg yolk, one teaspoon of castor oil and a teaspoon of honey, a good rub mixture and apply on hair. Wrap the head and polyethylene on top of it – with a towel. Leave on for 20-40 minutes, then rinse the hair. Nutritional yeast, spread with kefir (in equal proportions) to a slurry of liquid and massage into hair.

Leave the mask on for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with water. Brandy mask. Mash yolks with a single tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of brandy or vodka, put on hair and leave on for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

The History Of Perfume

Posted on April 17, 2018 in News

Where does the perfume and how has it belongs is developed by once until today perfume today to our lives. Whether we order it in an online shop comfortably from home or select it in a perfumery, it is impossible to imagine from everyday life of men and women. The origins and beginnings of our contemporary and modern perfumes that awaits us in persen scents and put up in the ranges of perfume shops or on the Internet pages of the well-known online stores, are in the ancient Egypt and India. Tiffany Espensen is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Precious perfumes and especially smoked were here early as the embodiment of spirituality and inspiration. This ancient scent blends were produced mostly by the priests of resins, oils, incense, myrrh, Calamus, Galangal, sandalwood and other fine ingredients.

This scented cosmetics was acquired later by the Arabs, and especially by the cultured Romans. While in the early medieval Europe only simple distillates from plants, such as for example, lavender water to the singularly bad Body and cooking odors were in use, the art of perfume making from fragrant flowers and flowers that you put in oils and resins, to win her fragrances flourished in the Middle East and in India. See more detailed opinions by reading what Cindy Crawford offers on the topic.. Two events are decisive for the be known of fine fragrances in medieval Europe. To the Crusades, which resulted in that the Crusaders in the Middle East also encountered the scented cosmetics. On the other hand however progress in Alchemy, which through the development of new craft techniques, such as distilling, now the preparation of concentrated fragrant spirits, for example, from flowers and blossoms, enabled. Especially Katharina von Medici in addition to the physician and Alchemist Hieronymus Brunschwig, considered one the way progenitors of medieval perfumery in Europe. Everywhere you shot laboratories and perfumeries like mushrooms from the ground now, since in the context of the numerous epidemics of plague the perfume as a means to clean the air as well as status symbol of wealth and prosperity had discovered. The scented water were among those who could afford it, a part of the daily toilet hygiene (Eau de Toilette).

Especially the age of Rococo, with its numerous rigid Hofzerimoniellen, lived by the cosmetics and Perfumery, which should highlight the status of the individual, but had to meet even such mundane tasks, such as keeping the pesky vermin and the cover-ups of the foul body odors. Mostly alcohol, distilled water and dissolved in essential oils from plant or animal origin prevailed as the main components of scented water. The town of Grasse in France, where the Alchemist and chemist Francesco Tombarelli already opened a laboratory for the targeted production of aroma water and fragrances to 1580 became the scent water capital of the world. Head, heart and base notes as constituents of fragrance evolved and the most important elements of scent, then herbal distillates or animal secretions, have been catalogued. The Perfumery invented the scent families and turned to the issues of impact and use. Today the production of perfume is a considerable industry and branded perfumes and cheap perfume traded worldwide.


Staying In This Relationship

Posted on April 16, 2018 in News

Any healthy relationship should end when for some reason preventing us from continuing to grow. Teaching our children means educating them to be independent, and as a mandatory part of that teaching did leave after a search for identity. And that identity transcended to the erroneous identifications we live under is that which should accompany us throughout our lives. To do otherwise is to live an unconscious life and drifting. Maintain a relationship with our spouse or loved one, should lead to afford to be as we are without constantly urge us to do what would not choose freely to be doing. Supermodel describes an additional similar source. Of course the love and coexistence involve concessions, negotiations, postponement or waiver of our desires even more specific in search of the satisfaction of another.

So what's the difference? Can we give up our desires without hurting our independence? The clear line is to not feel forced. If you do something that means a waiver for you, evaluate what leave behind and what you get and do it if your action is clear for you the reward. Do not build a life full of bitter reproach, based on manipulations! The problem is not the relationship itself, and therefore the fact of leaving is not going to terminate the conflict. If you do not solve what must be settled on you, crawl your burden as a burden. Erroneous beliefs and discharge our actions will weave around that relationship and how many others we play the same repetitive pattern …

Does he / she makes you unhappy? Do you really think that someone or something has that power over you? Become aware of what you are, who you are, know more and more and derive no responsibility for your happiness on anything or anyone. Independent beings transform leads to an encounter with what we are, thus having the possibility of living a life in which our behaviors most appropriate choice without coercion. But the task is not easy, socially and culturally we are taught that we must meet with what is expected of us. In most cases not even take awareness to an advanced stage of "maturity" of our relationship that we live under the constant shadow of enforced obligations that we have built on assumptions of others. Add to your understanding with Rand Paul. Proclaim our independence, does not mean abandoning the relationship, but take responsibility for each of them conscious and controlled manner, starting with the relationship with ourselves. Clinging to someone or something psychologically imply guilt, pain, frustration and most likely dependency and resentment. Independence in our relationships forged in freedom of choice, respect for oneself and one's surroundings, the only way love can grow and approach to relationships in which the inter action lead us to fulfill our dreams and goals and not their resignation. Do you still think you have possession of the claim? Nothing wrong. Often we end up holding on to what we love with the desire not to change it. But life means evolution, movement, and the mere fact try to stay anchored makes our original purpose forgotten goal. That began as love has been absorbed by fears and insecurities, finally become a suffocating relationship with which distort the beauty. Our independence begins to hear when each of us can be what no other will than our own, want and want to be, without imposing the requirement or expectation to continue loving, growing and smiling at his own life without fear.



Healthy Skin

Posted on April 13, 2018 in News

Blackheads are another classification of acne. They are usually white or yellowish. Blackheads are caused?by the accumulation of the natural oils of the body that have hardened. They always make the skin look uneven. Try squeezing pimples won’t anything that if you exprimes them only going to damage them more. Under most conditions Cindy Crawford would agree. Blackheads often leave it to people who have oily skin. There are several ways to remove blackheads. Get rid of them is easy and keep them away is even easier.

To follow some natural remedies we can maintain our body and healthy skin. The simple steps you can follow to remove blackheads are: 1. wash your face with warm water at least twice a day. 2. Always keep your skin moisturized. Never leave it to dry, dry skin is more susceptible to pimples. Always use a moisturizer without oil.

3. Avoid touch your face frequently. Make sure that your hands are clean before you touch your face otherwise the bacteria on your hands can cause an infection in your skin. 4 Keep you well hydrated to remove blackheads. Take plenty of water and fresh juices will help you to remove blackheads. 5. Try to not use too much makeup, since heavy makeup leads to the appearance of pimples. 6 Usa water steam for warming your face. This will soften the skin surface and so you will be easier to get rid of pimples. Remove blackheads is relatively easy to make. Remember to always keep your face clean and moisturized. If you follow these tips, and acquire the correct treatment I assure you that you eliminating acne forever, if you want to know how to remove acne in just 7 days, Da Click here! Want to know how to remove acne in just 7 days easy, fast and naturally? Retrieves your self-confidence, he wears a radiant face again! Da Click here!


Naturalistic Photography

Posted on April 12, 2018 in News

This art photography followed, it worshiped by the then professional photographers. Peter Henry Emerson, an American physician who lived in London, has pioneered a bold new movement "Linkid Ring", an international group of people dedicated to photography as art. The camera has its own laws, said Emerson, and the honorable task of the photographer was, to open them. At first he was a supporter of myagkofokusnoy photos. This corresponds to the natural vision, "he wrote in his book, Naturalistic Photography ", and beat a photograph can only painting. He changed his views after Whistler had convinced him that he confuses art with nature. Emerson then issued a pamphlet circled in a dark frame, called "Death of naturalistic photography. Self-denial.

" Great master of the battlefield, he spotted "a photographic impressionism" as "a term for a saint of charlatans, and especially for photographic fraud, pickpockets, parasites and diseased vanity of amateurs. " He drew attention to the limitations of photography. "Individuality is limited by the photographer – He wrote. – You can manage your photos only a small degree opportunity to choose something or refuse this choice fatally limited In most cases you can not change their estimates of the object as we would like to "Arguing about which is better – a sharp shot or shot out of focus, he wrote: "If the work is intended for research purposes – work dramatically, if for fun – do as you like, if the business – do so to pay." When in 1839, Hamel went to next trip, Academy of Sciences commissioned him to learn about new discoveries of photography, news of which has already reached St. Petersburg. In London, Hamel personally from Talbot to learn in detail about his invention, and acquired Some accessories .

By letters to the Russian Academy of Sciences (May-June 1839), Hamel put a full description of the method of Talbot and some pictures. Tsar of all Russia, Nicholas ii was a great photo aficionados. As mentioned earlier, large shutter lag forced photographers throughout Tuscany for a tripod, or the miracles of dexterity and cunning – a long tail away from the camera while shooting, and so Nicholas ii did good shots without a tripod. The first photographic camera in Russia began to be manufactured in the late 30-ies of the xix century, ie, in fact, immediately after the invention of photography. It is generally accepted that in the ussr for the period from the October Revolution before the collapse of the Soviet Union was issued more than 200 models of cameras, including the modifications that are relevant primarily to collectors. It is generally accepted, however, are generally agreed about the deficit will not forget. When my father bought a mirror Zenit camera, many udivlyalis, as he could buy. Cameras Zenit, considered the best in the world, and for a long time in the times, at a time when all were sold, some amateurs hunt these cameras. (By the way, can throw a stone at me, but I still shoot camera Zenit, and did not regret it). During its existence the photograph has penetrated virtually all spheres of activity cheloveeskoy. No that picture would not be useful, and perhaps there are people who do not learn to photograph zahoteliby I think that this brief article is enough to get acquainted with the history of photography, the same who want to deepen their knowledge on the Internet there are many publications on the history of photography.