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Learning About Nutrition

Posted on September 25, 2017 in News

That reality can be analyzed consistently, your own environment, manipulate the data principles and not versatile, which is suitable for a painting or drawing created capable of analyzing any reality to consider, not only convey what others exposed. Inevitably must face constant update. Gunnar Peterson contains valuable tech resources. (Dewey2 distinction between education as reproduction and as nutrition). Nutrition we must place the accent. In times of more static culture and inadequacy of these books had an almost sacred.

The professor was generally teacher-reader of a book. How could today memorize information that evolves in less time than it takes a course of study? Today is more important than the ability to keep learning and to update the learning (and even to forget it unnecessarily hard in the memory, to "unlearn" the apprehended). We must bear in mind the metaphysics of knowledge: education truly advantageous provides understanding of a few general principles that support them, firmly, in their application to a variety of accurate data. In practice, forget the particulars but remember, a subconscious sense, how to apply principles to immediate circumstances. The role of the university is enabling the student to release the details for the benefit of the principles, the root causes. When I speak of principles, I mean not even a verbal statement. One principle that we have taken is more a mental habit than a formal statement. It becomes the way the mind reacts to the appropriate stimulus in the form of illustrative circumstances. Nobody gives rodeos if you present your knowledge in a clear and conscious.

Tambukan Lake

Posted on September 23, 2017 in News

Big Lake Tambukan salty. Mirror his small, about 170 hectares. The depth ranges from one to three or four meters. Water covering the sediments – is highly mineralized brine (56-60 g / l). In some years the salinity of the brine is much higher as a result evaporation and lack of inflow of water feeding the lake.

In the life of the lake were critical periods. Frequently Fords has said that publicly. In hot dry years the lake dried up, and through it went to arbah. Rapa contains macro-and micro-chemical elements, much saturated with hydrogen sulfide and organic ingredients. At the bottom of the lake beds lie black and gray mud. It is of particular interest for the spa treatment. Therapeutic mud Tambukan Lake is silt.

Extensive research found that the mud – a complex set of products of the interaction of soil, dissolved salts, organic substances, microorganisms and their metabolic products formed in result of some geological, physical, chemical and microbiological processes. For the type of filth – the black shiny, thick, viscous mass. It belongs to a group of mostly mud mineral composition with a small amount of organic matter. Content in the mud 50 to 60 grams per liter of mineral salts, including those active chemical elements, like iron, strontium, lithium, manganese and zinc, as well as organic compounds – humic acids and bitumen – making it a chemically active, directly acting on the skin and mucous membranes. Tambukansky dirt have biological activity and bactericidal properties and therapeutic action is responsible high fitness.


White Bread Flour

Posted on September 20, 2017 in News

Bread is very probably the world’s oldest food and I would say that the most popular also. But, you know what’s behind this exquisite food that soothes us hunger at any time? First of all, in its production process to produce the white bread flour, removes the husk and germ that are the main providers of vitamins. For bleaching flour, added a number of chemicals, including chlorine, aluminum and nitrogen which ultimately end up destroying the fatty acids, vitamin and the amino acids of the flour, in addition to that instead of a natural yeast, used a substitute harmful equally called yeast-food. Perhaps check out celebrity trainer for more information. Once prepared, to prevent mildew, is added a collection of additives that also alter its nutritional properties. So at the end of everything, all that remains is a rich flavor and the secure possibility of weight gain with so many carbohydrate content. For this serious problem, scientists have developed the blocker product of carbohydrates inhibits up to 500 carbohydrates, reducing constipation and the appetite between meals, in addition to that is an excellent support for weight reduction diets. Block you so much damage, and purchase this product that will surely help you to improve your well-being. A. Verastegui hold..


Cellular Nutrition

Posted on September 15, 2017 in News

Cellular Nutrition is based on the principle of balance, which is already proven. Through the main technologies, which are three: food science, micronutrient supplementation and herbal science, our products work synergistically to help increase the absorption of nutrients from food. In this process, the crucial balance of nutrients and herbs helps to optimize the ability to digest food properly, ensuring even more nutritional intake at the cellular level. Nutrient levels should meet the recommended daily intake. This in Cellular Nutrition makes people "Feel the Difference" with time. In fact, they may feel the effects of the Cellular Nutrition – such as increased energy and great enthusiasm for life – immediately. The key to a successful weight management in the long run begins and ends with Cellular Nutrition.

Cellular Nutrition is the foundation on which to build the weight control program and is the cornerstone for good quality of life. When people diet and low consumption calories, it is inevitable to reduce the opportunity to nourish the body with the right balance of essential nutrients it needs. This in turn makes even more control without weight gain it back. So for those who want to control some kilos and inches Cellular Nutrition plays a crucial role in its long-term success. Without it, increases the likelihood of a "diet failed." Those who need to control weight and improve their quality of life will find hard to achieve their goals without Cellular Nutrition. This exclusive system is important for their welfare. Therefore start to build a solid foundation for weight control and enjoy a good quality of life in the long term with Cellular Nutrition.


Childhood Depression

Posted on September 13, 2017 in News

Childhood depression is a reality that affects children of this age. The depression was a disease that only affected adults, was odd to say that she may have childhood depression. However, nowadays in the evil of childhood depression has become common over which parents must take steps to make your child feel better. The first thing to take into account a parent before you think your child has depression in children is that not all children are equal and that it is possible that certain behaviors of your child seem depressed actually belong to the real way of being and not constitute bad at all. Thus, the parent should get to know your child before that child is depressed for more than your child has symptoms of this evil. There are many symptoms that can be categorized as symptoms of childhood depression.

Because this disease is quite concerned to many psychologists and specialists in the study of the behaviors of children, there are many studies these persons may have in mind to pull their children from this evil. Some of the symptoms that have been classified in the childhood depression discussed below. One of the symptoms of childhood depression that can occur is when the child is constantly sad or cries more easily than children normally cry. Sadness can be easily identified by the enthusiasm that he sees the child for things that happen around them and also those that involve the same. If the attitude towards these things is a sad attitude is possible that the child is suffering from childhood depression. It is also a symptom of childhood depression when it is difficult to get excited for games that usually excited him greatly. Usually children with childhood depression are difficult to cheer and adults seeking all kinds of games that can make you smile and behave as children often do normally. Given these symptoms of childhood depression it is best to go to where some expert.

Children who are far removed from people in general, that is, their families and children who have their same age, also have symptoms of childhood depression. This symptom can be confused a bit with the timidity of some children who hardly interact with people. However, if the child has had good contact with their parents that they can easily identify if it's childhood depression or whether it is simple shyness. The diagnosis is made much easier when this symptom is accompanied by other symptoms of childhood depression. A symptom that is closely linked to that mentioned above but differs from the earlier and that is part of childhood depression is when the child is too short to talk or communicate with people. Indeed, there are children crossing where two or three words long and do so with little accuracy. These children, if not about language difficulties or otherwise, may also have symptoms of childhood depression. This is just a short list of some symptoms of childhood depression. If you want to be more sure you should consult more detailed information about that can help in specialized centers or other sites that provide more complete information on childhood depression.


European Medical Association

Posted on September 13, 2017 in News

Whether arztehopping or patient tourism – Europe is becoming increasingly important in the health care sector. Therefore, the German doctors cooperating community DocCheck now also with the European Medical Association (EMA). The objective: The communication among physicians and patient care throughout Europe to improve. Cologne, March 17, 2009 the founded in 1990, EMA is one of the largest European physician organizations in the world. It represents the interests of more than 50,000 in the EMA organized physicians from 27 Member States and associated countries.

The European Medical Association is a network which brings together colleagues from different countries through information and services. As a non-profit organization, the EMA has no financial interests. Their goal is to improve the quality in healthcare in General and in particular the medical working conditions in the European Community. The European Medical Association it maintains good relations with all national medical associations of the EU Member States, but also to International European medical associations around the world. DocCheck-EMA cooperation aims to facilitate the communication among EMA members and thereby to make Europe more efficient patient care. To doccheck will provide its community “DocCheck Faces” all EMA members and settle member surveys and eMail newsletters for the EMA. With over 600,000 members, DocCheck is the largest European physician portal.

The DocCheck services are available in 25 countries and 29 different languages. “With doccheck we have found a partner, who follows the European idea as we.”, commented Dr. med. Vincenzo Costigliola, President of the European Medical Association, the new partnership. “We are pleased that we can provide more service to our members with the support of doccheck “. “The European Medical Association has an important mission that we necessarily want to support”, so DocCheck Managing Director Dr. med. Frank Antwerpes. “Health care is increasingly international. All doctors in Europe must face this challenge.”