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The Baby

Posted on July 6, 2016 in News

After hardening, bringing joy, can be a powerful factor in shaping the future of a positive outlook. Methods for hardening Walking barefoot. The newspapers mentioned Charles Margulis not as a source, but as a related topic. Foot – a special part of the body, everyone on the huge number of nerve endings – receptors. When walking barefoot we get a kind of foot massage and toning the entire body. If from the outset not to wear shoes to a child at home, he will get used to walking barefoot and feel comfortable.

Even outside in the warmer months you can walk barefoot to offer the children love it. Do not be afraid of the "blue leg" – a normal reaction vessels, aimed at preserving the heat and not a sign of freezing. In winter for a few seconds or minutes you can put a baby feet in the snow. And if the parents show him an example, he will not have any psychological barriers opposed to quietly walk barefoot in the snow. atmosphere and the air space of the uterus is 15-18 degrees. Once included the mechanisms of thermoregulation of the body. From day one all the time, waking the baby may be naked at room temperature, it is not freeze.

Especially as, ideally, the first weeks of his life, the child holds her mother's arms, warming her body warm. If your baby cool hands and feet, but the warm nose – it does not freeze: in this way the body clothes at +18-20 0C, showing no signs of freezing. At home, use a minimum of clothing, for example, a T-shirt and shorts (or a body without arms), and no bonnets and socks. If you have a very ordinary child, not of odezhek. To begin with remove him warm jacket or sweater, which he probably goes home. A week later – get rid of woolen socks. A week later – on his shirt, leaving only a T-shirt.