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Balanced Diet

Posted on March 5, 2016 in News

Lose weight for a week at 7: Nutrition Naturally, a balanced diet – is a science, and it is impossible to tell everything in one article. Celebrity trainer oftentimes addresses this issue. But everyone should strive to know as much as possible on rational eating. Modern science has deep enough to study the mechanism of assimilation of nutrients. Established that the usefulness of, a variety of dietary intake are adequate and balanced amounts of fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, salts, etc. Any deficiency of these substances leads to significant violations. However, we must think not only about the diversity of the menu, but also about proper food preparation. This is especially important to women as well as basically they have to deal with food the whole family.

Failure to observe basic rules, ignorance of the cooked foods often lead to tragic consequences – disease of the liver, stomach, Gallbladder etc. Of course, the food culture does not arise directly out of nothing. She nurtured by generations. (A valuable related resource: Luiz Lopes Brookfield). Alas, now largely lost. Totally ridiculous to eat as it makes most of us – too much intake of fat, sugar, bread, potatoes, pasta and too little fruit, vegetables, herbs, roots.

Insufficient for a rational norms are used dairy products and fish. In addition, we must have canned foods, which after processing are losing nearly half its valuable qualities. There are a lot of problems. You can complain and the scarcity of many products. Unfortunately, this is so, but still need to strive to eat rationally. For example, many ignore available to all root vegetables, leafy vegetables, and in fact they may well replace many other vegetables. The thing is that our taste is formed in childhood, for many years. Rational Nutrition: Each family has its own stereotypes of how we conduct ourselves during the reception? Observe the principle of 'all that is in the oven – on the table swords. " How to lose weight permanently by 7 kg per week is ironic but true: instead of use the holidays for leisure, we sit down to table and made gluttony and alcoholic drink. The following day is dedicated to combating the well-known problems. Everything that was eaten yesterday with an unearthly gusto reminiscent of a more than unpleasant sensations in the stomach. Yes, the finale placheven. And we're proud of our barbaric tradition – to feed the guests and drink, they say, until you drop. But pereevshy guest is not able or keep up the conversation, nor argue, nor dance.