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Brand New Insights

Posted on January 30, 2016 in News

The Frankfurt database days found much praise and approval at the participating Frankfurt am Main 18.03.2013 the first Frankfurt database days found on 14 and 15 March 2013. Almost 250 participants and participants followed source databases at the two days of conference presentations and discussions, keynotes, and hands of on sessions from the world of IBM, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, and open. The five parallel lecture tracks offered around 60 intensive sessions. Around 60 database specialists in 5 parallel tracks on topics related to database management systems, such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, and DB2 as well as general issues of database operation, heterogeneous database environments, monitoring and SAP spoke during the Conference days. The focus was on latest technologies and its evaluation, as well as on topics related to migrations, monitoring, troubleshooting, performance optimization, virtualization, databases, cloud computing, big data and high availability and management of heterogeneous database environments. The feedback was positive, what the content of the lectures, the Terms on the Organization, the ambience. No matter, whether it the lecture by Andreas Wolter (in Germany probably the only one of Microsoft MCM conquers) spoke about the AlwaysOn technology or in an exciting session live hacking was Martin Dombrowski. The exciting keynotes, intensive lectures, Hands-On training and presentations of Frankfurt were accompanied database days through an exhibition of partners and manufacturers like IBM, SAP, dragonfly, Teradata, quest and many others gave an excellent overview of services and products on the market around databases.

Networking opportunities offered there is unlimited with the other participants, with the speakers and the product providers and manufacturers. The Conference participants were given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and to benefit from the know-how of the database community. To have that available even after the sessions for questions a participant group size limit enables speakers to be touched”. This also applies to the evening event with an exclusive buffet to which all speakers and participants were invited.

Mini Format Maxi Price

Posted on January 20, 2016 in News

MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad mini and iPad retina just once 5 weeks after the presentation of the new were invitation to the worldwide print iPhone 5 Apple Group again and distributed press. The large guesswork to the contents which began next keynote almost on the day after the iPhone 5 presentation event in San Jose, California. Upon closer inspection of the product line from the House of Apple it could quickly reduce the number of candidates with skillful application of the exclusion principle, which will be presented in a new guise. There was the biggest speculation therefore to the Tablet from Apple. As the third generation of the tablets was presented only in March 2012, all of the rumors around the iPad were 4 into the realm of Fables was banished half wrong turns out. Officially a new 10 inch device was presented at the stand of the iPad 3 was based, but extended to Apple’s latest technical know-how (lightning, processor, HD FaceTime camera).

The resonance behavior fails, because it is neither as iPad 3, 3.5 or 4 advertised, but simply and away as iPad retina. Wild discussed the possibility was in the run-up to one 7-inch of tablets, which was excluded from company founder of Steve jobs during his lifetime categorical. In his opinion it is 7 inch of tablets bulky devices that represent no real trade off between handling and usability. About two years after this statement and the realization that the competition to Google, and even Amazon very successfully have, established its own 7-inch variants would now also Apple on this bandwagon jump, has her own presented therefore 7.9 inch iPad mini. Technically slightly superior to the competition to Google nexus and Amazon Kindl fire HD (which is marginal differences), offers this range especially with the quoted price of currently $350 – for many experts an absurdity, because Amazon and Google for their self-proclaimed entry-level only $199 request. The success of the iPad mini can be already sure, only feared by many experts, that is the iPad range each other Kanibalisiert and not the hoped-for market share on the market will generate 7 inch.

Diet Of The Moon

Posted on January 14, 2016 in News

The Diet of the Moon is a revolutionary method that allows to become thin up to 3 kg in a day. The secret is in always ayunar 26 hours (liquids can only be taken) but agreeing with the hour of the lunar change of phase.Different for each country according to time zone, reason why it consults the schedule for your country here. One of the factors that influence more in the loss of weight is the capacity of our organism to absorb water and this closely is bound to the attractive force, demonstrated widely, that the moon exerts on the liquids, still more when the moon changes of phase. That is to say, this diet is based on the theory that the liquids of the body tend to follow the rates of the tides – as is known, caused by the influence of the moon. The slimming effect does not come certain only by the day of weekly fasting, but also because not to eat in those hours power remarkably the desintoxicantes effects of the fasting, increasing of decisive form the loss of weight.

They can be lost of 2 to 3 kilos during the day of fasting and it is not easy to recover them since this diet even stimulates the elimination of the liquids in the successive days. The fasting only liquid, that is to say, little sweet fruit juices will be able to be taken in, water to boil vegetables, liquefied of vegetables, fruits and water. Fruit can only be eaten if it is in liquefied juice or, but never finds out. It chooses varieties that contain little sugar. If they are prepared liquefied you can put them well clean and leave the skin. Altogether, it is necessary to take from 3 to 4 liters of liquid throughout the day. Milk is due to take, neither alcohol, nor drunk refreshing with or without gas.



Antioxidant Diet

Posted on January 7, 2016 in News

For many, wear a soft, smooth and beautiful skin is very important. In addition to facial, body creams and various beauty treatments that are currently available on the market, we can get this purpose taking care of our food. Taking some food or others can influence the oxidation level of our organism and therefore influencing the State of our skin.Oxidation is a totally natural process that occurs in our body to perform such daily activities such as walking, breathing or eating, among others. This oxidation occurs by the formation of radical free. These are cells that, as explained by the dietista-nutricionista electrons missing and incomplete seek to stabilize damage, as a consequence, to other healthy cells, destabilizing them and making them also in radical free. Food, the best defense the direct consequence of the effect of these free radicals and therefore oxidation, is that there is a cell ageing, i.e. produces a wear of the organs and skin.

Why you care should be true with an excess of oxidation since, as the expert warns us, this increases the risk of suffering from degenerative dementia and cancer diseases. Our body is very wise and has its own defenses against this process. To neutralize them, generates daily antioxidant enzymes. However, if there is excess of radical free our body is unable to neutralize them all, explains the specialist. The best solution then is to resort to certain nutrients that act as antioxidants and can be found in many foods that we have at our fingertips.The best antioxidant: eat everything there are many vitamins and nutrients that fight aging of our cells. The expert detailing us the most important: vitamins C and E, minerals like selenium, copper or zinc and phytochemicals such as beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A, flavonoids and isoflavones. You can also find each of them in some kind of food: vegetables, fruits, fish, oils, etc. We cannot really say that a single food is the best possible antioxidant.