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Protein Rich Diet

Posted on December 30, 2015 in News

Most of the people believed that proteins are obtained only from meat and fish, but other foods as eggs, milk, vegetables and soybean also contain them. That meat you like it and want to lose weight are in luck with the Association diet, because you can eat it while they lose weight. In terms of plants, those with more content protein, legumes are Palm, although in recent times it has entered with force in Western power markets soybean. to the soy protein represents a very important nutritional value for a dissociated diet. Current studies highlight the benefits that soy represents for the human being as also the isoflavones.

Meats that we normally consume in our country are: beef, chicken and Turkey, and pork. We also consume large amount of fish and seafood. All of these foods with high protein intake. To know conbinarlos can consult the diet dissociated the creators of this dietary regime table based their conclusions that ingesting proteins are mobilized fat deposits and substances called ketone bodies are released. Vegetables can be cooked or raw still better take them raw than cooked.

As in all diet he must drink plenty of water: between 2 litres and a half. The way of cooking food can be baked, grilled or steamed, avoiding fried everything. The benefit of the diet of proteins is dual: strengthens the body and contributes to weight loss. This is the reason why lately many Dietitians are opting to recommend them to their patients. During the first two weeks the regime tends to be fairly strict and should drink much liquid (water). You must gradually declining intake of proteins and go incorporating fruits and vegetables. It is not recommended to be on this diet for more than 30 consecutive days and as always it is recommended to consult a specialist before starting any type of diet. It is recommended to combine proteins with some exercise diet. Walk, ride bike or in the best cases sign up to the gym are highly recommended activities when it is following that diet. Muscle mass you win and you can lose those pounds that you are plenty more easily. There is no restriction on the amounts but it is advisable to not stay on a full stomach and for seasoning salads use olive oil. When we follow the diet dissociated menu always take control over food combinations. See the Association diet for more information.