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The produced digestive juices in the pncreas are not active until they have reached the intestine. The main enzymes produced for pncreas are the amylase, important in the digestion of the carboidratos (foods, as bread and potatoes), the tripsina, that digests protein (since meat, cheese, milk and vegetables, as supreme) and lipase, that it digests the fat. (TAKAHASHI, 2004). The pncreas can be reached by inflammation (pancreatite), for tumors, calculations, cysts and pseudocysts (liquid stock markets, generally consequent the trauma); some of these alterations play important role in gnese of the diabetes. Cancer Cancer is the name given to a set of more than 100 illnesses that have in common the disordered growth (malignant) of cells that invade fabrics and agencies, being able to spread themselves (metstase) for other regions of the body. Dividing itself quickly, these cells very tend to be aggressive and uncontrollable, determining the malignant formation of tumors (accumulation of cancerous cells) or neoplasias.

On the other hand, a benign tumor means a mass located of cells simply that they are multiplied vagarosamente and if they are similar to its fabric original, rare constituting a life risk. Carcinognicos factors human Organism meets displayed the multiple carcinognicos factors, with additive or multiplicativos effect. One knows that the individual predisposition has a decisive paper in the final reply. The incidence, the geographic distribution and the behavior of specific types of cancers are related with multiple factors, having included sex, age, race, genetic predisposition and exposition to the ambient carcingenos. Of these factors, the ambient ones are, probably, most important. The chemical carcingenos (particularly those gifts in the tobacco and resultants of its combustion and metabolism), as well as determined agents, as the azocorantes, aflatoxins and benzene, clearly had been implied in the induction of cancer in the man and animals. Another important ambient factor is the diet, where well it is proven that the high ingesta of fat and meats increases the risk, to the step that the rich ingesta of fruits, vegetables, foods in staple fibres and vitamin C reduce the risk.

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  • Leon Beardman

I concluded that I have a nutritional approach wrong. I strict diet for a while and then a few weeks of having lost weight, I start overeating again, get fat and back again … It seems an endless struggle in which always turn out badly, but for some reason that escapes me, I can not do it. Luisa – Plasencia – Spain Dear Luisa: It seems that eating more than a wrong approach, a way of life seems wrong, like any extremist behavior. So rather than lose out of this struggle, losing you salt it in general.

Probably help you consider whether, on each occasion, you choose what you do or if you respond to a social pattern, a habit escapist family or extreme behavior. Try to differentiate emotional states that lead you to overeat or go on a diet. Start with the pattern of overeating: Think of how you feel, if there is an empty feeling that you need filled or if there is anything you are worried and you find it easier to eat instead of confronting the painful situation. Ask yourself if, ultimately, you felt too exposed emotionally, looking how to create a shell with your body. Same for when you decide to go on a diet: you do by choice or by responding to the social ideal, to feel recognized by the people around you? Of course, these are just common reasons, you must find themselves.

There is one thing that seems clear is that, one way or another, you always feel guilty, like you can not enjoy any time. Date the option to feel that you deserve to enjoy you, your body, your life. Many experts suggest, in this sense, include an occasional "transgression" in the diet: a food fad daily or weekly, somewhat relaxing the rigorous approach is needed at this time. .

Motivation: What kind of life! Why punish yourself! A good man should be a lot! .. And it was quite a lot – 103 kg with an increase in 180 cm I love sunflower seeds, eating about 1.5 cups (200ml) almost every day – she roasted with salt, very tasty. So, I started a course of dietary supplements and Tianshi at a time: gradually (about 10 days) were excluded from the diet of cakes and sweets. How? Very simple: first, to replace the cakes biscuits, crackers and then – biscuits, because I do not love him, then biscuits – for drying and then drying – for bread (they are now and a lot of different domestic and imported – for every taste.) Bread, too, are gradually replaced by hlebtsy.Otkazalas from seeds and nuts (any), as they contain a lot of zhira.Perestala have cereal, although before they ate yogurt malo.Sladky replaced by fat-free kefir.Postaralas as possible close to the Kremlin diet. Go tell that to fully meet its requirements, I do not poluchilos.Otkazalas from coffee and regular tea, because had a lot to drink tea Antilipidnogo Tiens. It was not any problem, but because by eliminating coffee and regular tea, I stopped consuming sweets. Sovsem.Ovoschi, soups, borscht, soup, meat, poultry, fish eaten without restriction.

Fruits, too, though the Kremlin diet is not welcomed, but it was summer, and I live in the south … So much for the diet. The most interesting thing that I have somehow imperceptibly changed tastes. A month later, I quietly walked past the shelves of candy, and after the program and so far I have instead of 3 teaspoons of sugar put into a tea and coffee, and I have enough.

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Man, like it or not, related to the nature and depends on it. People get out of the environment a huge number of substances, without which it is impossible to imagine our existence. Say special biologically active substances can be obtained thanks to the ability of plants to synthesize a lot of incredibly complicated chemical compounds. That they are not enough to us to promptly notify the development of some diseases, just to feel strong and beautiful people and improve health. Beneficial properties of dietary supplements to help heal many diseases. Even cancers identified at an early stage of development, does not require the use of chemical treatment, for achieve the desired effect is usually short and comprehensive treatment on the basis of SBC. To date, created a safe, natural therapeutic products that enhance the effect of radiation therapy, anti-inflammatory therapy, contribute to a significant reduction of side effects from antibiotics, ensure easy passage of the postoperative period, and even families, are well combined with other methods treatment.

Bada, especially Tiens, qualitatively different systems of the body nourish and quench complex pathological processes. Any deviation in getting needed nutrients leads to disease. Motor activity people fairly recently declined markedly, our diet has also changed. Fruits and vegetables due to various reasons we have started to eat less, replacing them with sweet delicacies and baked goods. Everyone knows that if long you want to stay healthy, eat less.

A lot of people in the world suffering from coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus. These diseases, as it were, associated with excess food. But environmental problems? The authorities responsible for the protective and barrier functions, due to air pollution, food and water are stretched. This, above all, the kidneys, lungs, intestines and liver. As a result – at the cellular level we have a serious weakening organism. Supplements to this plan come to the aid of man, the most famous of them is Tianshi. Universal medicine dietary supplements are not, they remain the only effective means of rapidly health-promoting. Source: Health-enhancing products Tiens – it's great!