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The benefits of a long-term nutrition help at the six-pack and abdominal training diets cost much money first and foremost. In particular special diets where you for weeks eats finished powder drinks. The only thing these diets cause: You fill the purse of this powder drinks manufacturers and are not useful if you want to build strong abdominal muscles. Really remove or reduce his weight can rarely use this method? While you will lose some weight, due to the reduced calorie intake. But evil awakening will show up soon. The yo-yo effect in diets during a diet is fed to the body of fewer calories. This causes the body to better classify its remaining energy reserves.

The metabolism is lowered to a minimum. A diet for the muscle building pure poison. The body tries its metabolism most run to keep. But where to get the necessary energy absence but the necessary calories for that? From the muscles! The more muscles you has, the body requires more calories to get them. When not enough calories available, the body sees too many muscles as a luxury and begins to reduce them or to convert into energy.

The muscles shrink. As soon as one has now completed the diet or settles, it switches back into old eating habits. The calories again increasingly taking up, immediately stored in the fat because the body from the lent has learned to provide for a rainy day. And this is the yo-yo effect! So reduce his weight healthy and correct diet and lose weight want to, should do so in a long-term way. A nutrition is the key. A look at the 10 food group burn the calories and build muscle (to find articles in the blog of is of advantage. This food is there in every supermarket and missing in any kitchen when one’s goal is to lose weight and build muscle. You delete the word diet out of your head I still have in my whole life no diet made. Why? Because it was quite simply never needed. Alone through a balanced diet, I manage to keep my weight and build muscle. I meet people who are convinced again and again, the less you eat the more weight they lose. But unfortunately, as described above that is a widespread mistake which has manifested itself in the minds. The body is spread through several meals throughout the day always optimally provided, the metabolism is always active and this affects also the fat pad. 5-6 drink meals plenty of water the right foods then klappts with the figure. Have fun and success during training! Regards Tobias Fendt

The absolute hit of the summer! Especially ideal for diabetics! 2000 ml correspond to only one BE! The mortgage-free bottle is also the ideal companion for traveling, because: just enjoy, quench thirst, and dispose of the empty bottle into the nearest trash can. The fine sparkling natural mineral water from the sources of the nature park of the Swabian Franconian forest, with the wonderful flavor of honey melon is ideal for a healthy, low-calorie diet and the mixes of wonderful cocktails. Honey-melon has the following ingredients: fructose, natural mineral water, carbon dioxide, acidulant citric acid, natural flavors, sweeteners (sodium cyclamate, aspartame, Acesulfame-K and saccharin sodium), contains a source of phenylalanine (amino acid) the nutrition information: condensing 14 KJ (3,3 kcal), protein, and fat ever under 0.1 g, carbohydrates 0, 6 g discover you this new taste experience and enjoy a touch of holiday! Beverage specialists Grunbach Uhlandtsrasse 1 73630 Remshalden Tel 07151 99 47 977 fax: 07151 206 18 81 E-Mail:

  • June 12th, 2015
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  • Leon Beardman

If you smoke in order to remain ostensibly harmonious and beautiful, you know that this is misleading. The best thing you can do to achieve the desired shape – is, first of all, to quit. Remember that smoking contributes both to dehydrate the skin and deprives it of oxygen. Smoking also contributes to: rapid aging of the skin negative impact of sunlight, bad ecology – in themselves contribute to aging skin, and in combination with nicotine, this process occurs more rapidly. When you smoke in our lungs produced trillions of free radicals, which contribute to premature aging of skin. In addition, when comparing two people of the same age, namely smoker will look older.

If you can not quit, then you should definitely use the facilities with antioxidants that will help fight free radicals. In this case, ideal – Farmacia Antioxidants and Christian Dior Capture First Action (these funds are directed against wrinkles, dark circles under eyes, tired skin), Molton Brown Skinboost Nourishing Tonic (tonic contains vitamins and minerals that fill the skin with vital energy and promote maintaining a healthy complexion). A sharp decrease in collagen Cigarette smoke contains about 4000 of toxins, most of which are absorbed into the blood, and with it reach the very structure of the skin. Smoking contributes to the narrowing blood vessels in the upper layers of the skin, resulting in skin is not well saturated with oxygen, the level of collagen decreases. For this reason, people who smoke are encouraged to use the oxygen by means of skin care products, as well as products containing collagen (for example, Nivea Visage Age Reversal Intense Rejuvenating Cream, Cellfood). Thinning of the skin The skin of people who smoke tend to be slightly thinner than people who do not have this habit. The reason is the poor circulation. On a more subtle skin 'traces' of aging appear much earlier.

In addressing this issue will help facilities to promote thickening and greater elasticity. Change figure is believed that smoking promotes weight loss. In reality, smoking can cause disruptions in hormone levels that adversely affect the endocrine system, causing imbalances in the figure: some place really lose weight, but some get better contrast (place compensation). If the cause of addiction to cigarettes lies in the desire to lose weight, then it is better to choose for themselves one or another sport that will not only contribute healthy weight loss, but will tone the muscles.

  • June 11th, 2015
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  • Leon Beardman

All time that we, Brazilians, come across in them with a crime of bigger commotion, pricipalmente those with requintes of cruelty, urges a outcry for the death penalty. But it is necessary caution in the analysis of the practical one of this capital punishment. It is clearly that when the society is stimulated, nails the execution of passional form of that they had supposedly committed a barbarous crime. This, in fact, generates a revenge feeling and brightens up the pain of the loss of those that had been brutally assassinated. However, to brighten up pain does not mean to finish completely with it.

It is at least incoherent? we can there extender to the philosophical field – that the man, to reach the well biggest one, who is the life, kills for justice. He is difficult to imagine that the State says the citizen that it cannot kill, but if this to happen, it, the State, goes to kill it. A balanced country cannot think about death penalty when the abortion and the autansia are rejected. We dislike any attempted against against the life, but we can authorize the State to attempt against against the life of somebody punishment heading? This logic never will be true. Therefore, what if he waits of a penalty is that the convict has left recouped it and that its return to the society is of worthy form. We cannot have the pretension to shorten the life of nobody, exactly of that in some way they had taken off other lives. The penalty of these monsters will have to be paid while still alive and not with the death. Andres Lopes Fialho

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  • Leon Beardman

The diet is something that has always been concern for persons and much more for people who do physical exercises, it is known that food among many of its virtues this the be a source healthy acquisition of energy for our body, that after procersarla uses it with very good results, but imposes a question. How that food is transformed into energy to be used by our body? 1st everything is necessary to know that energy enters our body mainly by nutrients (carbohydrates, lipids and proteins) carbohydrate vegetables, minerals, Tuberculos Lipidos fats, from pork to the peanut butter, including, butter and all kinds of fats, proteins all types of meats, fish, beans, etc. The place of entry of food in normal conditions is the mouth, then the Convention into energy occurs in different parts according to the nutrient, for example in the carbohydrate occurs in the duodenum pancreas lipase does effect on carbohydrate occurring Glycolysis (breakdown of glycogen and glucose), in lipids the Convention occurs also in the duodenum product to the joint action of the pancreas lipase and bile salts on lipids and proteins occurs in the stomach, at the time of this Convention in power she is transformed into ATP, which is the ATP? Atp or Adenofin Tri Phosphato (adenosine triphosphate), is the universal and direct source of energy for all processes that are characterized by high consumption of energy. HOW WE EXPLAIN THIS? Every moment you are making body movements, when we do it very fast body takes of the reserve which it has, but when the muscular work is long then the body begins its process of ATP energy production, is important to know that LA only way in that the energy is can use for LA realization of exercises is in your form ATPi.e. all kinds of energy (mechanical, heat conductors, etc), is not taken as such, it is transformed into ATP energy within our body ‘, a little more scientific, we would say that the energy goes to the Agency by LOS NUTRIENTESES tapped by the breath to SYNTHESIZE a compound MACROERGUICO ATP THAT SERVES AS A TRANSDUCER OF ENERGY, THEN BE UNFOLDED (ATP-ADP) AND THIS ALLOWS THE REALIZATION OF 3 FUNDAMENTAL WORK) WORK BIOSYNTHETIC-WORK MECHANIC – WORK OSMOTICO). That I get as conclucion. Subjects who perform physical exercises should have special attention to diet, this diet should be rich in carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, since these foods are carriers (no risk) the acquisition of power, we say?WITHOUT RISK? because the synthetic compounds and pads can have adverse reactions to some people,…then.., we take care of our body, attending our diet, varied diet allows the body the obtaining of all what need in portions right, we eat to live, not live to eat.