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Trend lab tests according to the principle of the hours diet, \”Eat the half\”, short FdH diet concept, is the most popular reduction variant of German citizens. Every second trying his luck with halved food rations, so the current result of a representative survey of by GfK market research. From safety point of view, the simple reduction of the portion sizes is not useful. Overweight, usually resulting in an unbalanced energy balance high-energy foods are preferred, which are often low in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Reduces only the amount of food drops at the same time the intake of these vital substances. To eat just less overnight leads to increased appetite and provides no new nutrition behavior. The diet is a good approach to the long-term nutrition according to the Desaga formula.

The Odenwald clinic physician, Dr. Hans Desaga, watched in the 1970s to his patients who were artificially fed, that their blood glucose levels remained relatively stable, although glucose found in the nutrient solutions. Also, diabetics benefited. Continuously, but little\”was the conclusion of the metabolic findings. It formed the cornerstone for a diet concept, with which you can eat healthy is through regular diet without emerging feeling of hunger. And it is also healthy and successfully to remove! According to this principle, the amapur hour diet works.

Their effect is currently testing the product tester blog trend lab in the Internet. 10 days are according to my knowledge the ideal period for entry into a sustainable diet cure and change personal eating routine, says Peggy Reichelt, nutrition expert and author of removing every hour\”. That formula diets such as the amapur hour diet represent a meaningful way of weight loss, is also in the guidelines ‘prevention and treatment of obesity\”the German Obesity Society (DAG) and the German society for nutrition (DGE). International meta-analyses confirm the effectiveness of a good formula diet.

We are on the way back to the father’s House; We convert on the Rainbow Bridge. We are human figures, individuals who are to identify themselves. As souls, we are begotten from the fusion of spirit and matter. The energy of love from us as souls creates the healing power on Earth, with which we will overcome the duality, the feeling of separateness from God. As souls we do not know the separation that we experience the connection with all that is.

This in the connection means real healing being, free from disease and conflicts. The all-embracing love will lead us to recognize our real task as the soul in this life and live. Where can I find the answer, how do I contact to me as soul? like ask yourself now so many. The answers are varied, because each of us has his individual access to. The book talks in the light of the star child”gives guidance for the possible access paths, the path of equal groups service. We are absolutely aware of groups as a soul. We understand that no man save the world alone but we recognize that we are shoulder-to-shoulder with like-minded people capable of bringing our individual abilities and together can change this world in the direction of paradise on Earth, the Kingdom of souls, talents.

If this book supported a single people, the awareness of this possibility so it was written right and published, then it has served its purpose. “Back-cover text of the book: In a refreshing dialogue the StarChild and his soul marked by love and wisdom of God and the world talk”. You are in this case, purely hypothetically of course, overheard by a man at the celestial key hole. The reader is carried different themes such as reincarnation, karma, initiations, the essence of the soul, the second coming of Christ and others during this conversation. The intention is to open the consciousness of the individual oneness with God. This book is not dry, esoteric treatise, for where a soul acts, the Cosmic humor not away. “_ Book data: the StarChild speaks in the light of Klaus-Dieter Born spirit Rainbow publishing ISBN: 978-3-940700-05-6-188 pages / 15.50 _ short portrait spirit Rainbow publishing on the question: How did you do this, to set up a publishing house?” the author and Publisher Gudrun Anders smirks: as the Virgin to the child… “.” She worked in the year 2000 as a therapist in private practice and wanted to actually live with their Egyptian partner for a while in Sinai / Egypt. But the universe seemed to think it a little differently. Then a good friend you suggested, finally their own books as book on demand”to bring out. Said than done. Another friend worked on a Publisher website and the spirit Rainbow publishing was born. Suddenly, numerous contacts took place, the requests to bring books by unknown authors on the market became more frequent. Gudrun Anders himself embarked on it and suddenly was Publisher (or Book midwife”, as it has been dubbed recently by an author). Today, more than 175 titles of the spirit of Rainbow Publisher on the book market are available. The spirit Rainbow publishing in Aachen was the first esoteric BoD Verlag and everybody’s excited, whether Gudrun Anders once again comes to Sinai or Publisher remains rather with heart and love to the thing. We believe you will spend only your annual leave there…

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New system partner of clarity AG Bad Homburg / Germany, 15 April 2010 the internationally active manufacturer of software-based PBX clarity has now also in the Switzerland system partner. Thus, Claritys continues expansion of sales. The partner concept launched last year when clarity is further developed this year. For the Switzerland runIT won clarity as a partner. The company specializes in the consulting and specialized in optimizing complex IT infrastructures and offers its customers products and solutions that are both economically and technologically guarantee a demonstrable and sustainable added value. VoIP and unified communication promoted heavily due to the high demand by manufacturers and network providers and the telephony is increasingly becoming the subject of IT-infrastructure optimization due to the interfaces and the use of purely software-based solutions.

Be the forward-looking communication possibilities and solutions cleverly integrated into the existing infrastructure, a company can in addition Save costs. This is one reason why runIT partnership with clarity opted for has. The partnership agreement will facilitate the development of the Swiss market noticeably according to Dr. Nolting, Sales Director of clarity AG, sophisticated advice for a sophisticated technology. Because the technologically advanced communication solutions offer the customers in connection with consulting expertise and a profound technical understanding even more potential on the different levels of the company. So but can be by a clarity solution is not only costs, streamline business processes and improve the service. With runIT clarity found an experienced IT professionals that fully meets the high expectations of the consulting services. runIT runIT headquartered in Dubendorf/Switzerland was founded in eight specialists in the year 2000.

The focus of activity in consulting as well as in the optimization of complex IT infrastructures. Thanks to a proprietary reference architecture, the continuously refined and adapted to new circumstances, runIT capable, fast, uncomplicated and the latest standards according to work out solutions. They guarantee the optimization of infrastructure cost savings and performance improvements. runIT works specifically with innovativeness, partners and next generation technologies and real value allows customers with long term visible improvements. Both economically as well as in the resource and infrastructure planning, and implementation.

This reduces training costs and increases acceptance. 8. intelligent user assistance: necessarily context-sensitive help, built-in tutorials, and an einschrankungsloser telephone support through the CRM provider are necessary for an efficient use and high level of acceptance of employees. 9 scalability of the solution: companies are very dynamic organizations with a high degree of change. As a consequence, this requires also a scalable CRM solution for the flexible extension or alteration opportunity of the user circle. 10 option for a later migration to an on-premise model: in this way the companies can ensure that it in case of a new strategic positioning or for other reasons without any problems in a classic In-house operation can change.

The on demand versions in many cases businesses is so beneficial, so risky a decision can turn out to be, if the market evaluation is carried out superficially”, warns expert David D. Laux CEO of ec4u consulting AG. It must be made even a more detailed analysis of the market offerings, because in addition to the performance profile of the CRM solution, the service quality of the solution partner represents a critical success factor.” About ec4u expert consulting ag ec4u expert consulting ag, headquartered in Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Zurich, Munich and Pfaffikon is one of the leading companies for services and software in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI) and business communications management (BCM) in the European market. ec4u offers its customers best practices in the areas of: Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle CRM on demand Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) and real time decision (RTD) Oracle application integration Architecture (AIA) and service-oriented architecture (SOA) Oracle master data management (MDM) with a focus on Oracle as the strongest partner. The services are supplemented (strategies for marketing, sales and service), as well as the ec4u software solution by strategic and professional CRM Consulting C4 business communications management (BCM). Among the customers are E.g. Arcor, Bosch ST, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, EnBW, Integralis, RWE, Swisscom and ZKB. Press contact: think factory group Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71 ec4u expert consulting ag Sabine Kirchem Manager Marketing for the Foundry of 19-27 b 76227 Karlsruhe Tel.: + 49 (0) 721 46476-460 fax: + 49 (0) 721 46476-299 E-Mail: Web:,

Other useful online tools for registered enterprise are a proprietary document management and a personalized search to find all the saved information. In addition, the reputation of a company is increased by registering with B-R-N both nationally and regionally. Our pages built by criteria relevant to search engine increase the visibility in Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. All registered corporate users can enter the information relevant to search engines yourself, without having programming skills”, explains Rolf Lutzer, project manager for the B-R-N at the company Fasihi. Anyone can register the new communications portal can be used from May 3 by all who are interested. This means that in addition to companies and individuals register for free and your benefits can drag. “” Every registered user has the option, in B-R-N published posts to comment on or a personal newsletter from company information of the categories-new & interesting”, to relate events & seminars”, jobs & apprenticeships”and participate in chats.

Therefore, no important information from the region escapes the registered user. More free tools are creating and editing your own profile, a personalized search and subscription messages, finding training and jobs as well as communication and exchange of experiences with companies and other users. The use of B-R-N benefits for all visitors is of course also for all visitors who do not want to register free. She still has some advantages. So is the General search function. They also can learn about existing training and jobs, browse regional listings, retrieve information about companies, current Read information of the companies from the region and find regional products and service providers. About company Fasihi GmbH: Company Fasihi GmbH offers a flexible and personalized portal solution for the appearance on the Internet, but also for internal company communication (intranet), or for the exclusive communication with business partners (extranet). These include a full Web infrastructure and the complete all-round support.

Focus is on a user friendly content management system for the creation and editing of text and media documents in the Internet, a powerful document management and efficient communications platforms for Web 2.0 applications (social networking, weblogs, etc.). Integrated interfaces allow the link with the on-premises infrastructure and the usage of Web applications to the illustration of business processes on a single platform. With this innovative technology are saving the customer time and cost solutions available. The most important product of the 1990 by CEO Saeid Fasihi the company was founded from the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region headquartered in Ludwigshafen comprehensive Fasihi enterprise is portal with the most difficult company individual information and communication requirements meet let. Of the Fasihi GmbH portal solutions range from simple standard solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises to sophisticated solutions for large corporations such as for example the world’s largest chemicals company BASF SE in Ludwigshafen. Work over 40,000 employees from different divisions, divisions and group companies with over 50 portal solutions on the basis of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal. For more information on the Internet at. Hermann Martin

In addition, this table must have a headrest that can be adjusted according to clients’ status, and armrests. The cost for this couch above average, but put into it pay back the money with interest. These massage tables are usually expanding bed and corrected by moving the tabletop. Their height can be changed without disturbing the clients at the same time, Simply click on the actuator. Representatives of the practical stationary models – a couch by “heliox” look aesthetically pleasing and presentable. Prices are to start from the forty-two thousand.

Slightly more expensive price Finnish couches Fysiotech – from sixty-six thousand. But, in fact, and in another case, the high cost justifies the product quality. If you want to open a luxury VIP-room, then it will have to buy high-quality equipment that meets luxurious interior space. Perfect for those interiors is one of the best models of couches from the Finnish manufacturer Lojer – massage table LOJER Capre 125E. This superb table is equipped with all the necessary comfort for both client and massage therapist, elements. It costs one hundred and seventy-five thousand rubles, and only available to order from the warehouse of the manufacturer. Delivery time – from two to three months from the date of registration order. And if the salon is des