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  • January 30th, 2015
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NONI MORINDA CITRIFOLIA what is Noni noni is a plant that grows in the tropics, especially in the Pacific. The ripe fruit is approximately the same size that an orange and has a yellow colour which becomes white when ripe. It has a bitter taste, it does not smell very well, however it is used generally as a nutritional dietary supplement for its nutritional benefits. In several Pacific Islands form an integral part of the native diet, either raw or cooked. STOP smoking with juice of ALOE + NONI why does an addiction? We will try to explain in a way that anyone can understand the process by which our body becomes addicted to a substance. It’s a hoax.

Addictive substances are alkaloids, such as nicotine, that confuse our organism. For example: If you smoke a cigarette a large amount of nicotine is released into your body, although nicotine tobacco plant, idle is this so much resembles the structure of xeronine that manages to deceive the proteins in your body. Proteins the nicotine instead of Xeronine accepted that naturally require. Once nicotine is accepted, improperly in space that the protein has intended to Xeronine, this active protein in the same way you would the Xeronine but less effectively. Because it is so hard to quit smoking? If we continue following smoking cigarettes, contributing to our body with a large amount of nicotine, while more smoke more are proteins that become Xeronine protein proteins of nicotine, making increasingly difficult quit the habit since more and more protein will not be available to operate without nicotine.

This is the reason why quitting becomes so painful. However if nicotine is maintained outside the body for a time these same proteins readaptaran to Xeronine. While this happens the physical yearning for nicotine it will disappear and the body will return to normal. This same process applies to all foreign alkaloids that come in our body, proteins are adapted to them and change their natural need of xeronine by one non-natural alkaloids.

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The quality of the silage if it is crucial to make a good animal feeding, as it plays the health of the animal that feeds silage based, what not to say, as it has been shown that cannot be used, otherwise; what it should not be done is ignore any requirements that are recommended here. Conclusions the gully as silo can be used to produce silage, as a way to preserve food in the dry season. The process of erosion that occurred to maintain the gully without protection stops up to 95% since stays full of plant material and tapada gully, which prevents has drag due to the rains, with the consequent reduction of soil loss. Improves the soil, thus producing silage in the gully, during this process, you want to remove organic substances which will settle on the floor of the gully forming a scab guaranteeing other activation of microbial flora, beginning to take life again this damaged part of the soil. Feasible economically this food production, very cheap for farmers, because it is going to use remnants of harvest, animals such as fish, without the intervention of chemicals also without additional cost of transportation. If you follow the correct procedure is very useful to feed all kinds of cattle, constituting an offer safe and nutritious in the dry season, where as we have already raised pastures are scarce, and those remaining are very nutritious. Today there is a great ignorance on the subject.

Recommendations use the gullies and remnants of available crops on the grounds that allows it to develop this food, because as it has been demonstrated its economic, social and environmental impact has been proven. Extend this initiative to all producers of not only mountainous areas, but also sticks. Bibliography Alvarez R. J. 1972. A ccomparative study of the nutritional value of the protein from ensiled fish.

  • January 29th, 2015
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The Apple is one of the healthiest fruits for the organism, it the English say that eating one a day is don’t get the doctor in house. But the properties of this fruit have nowadays diversified and besides offering in nutritional or curative supplements, created a new formula with great success: the capsules of vinegar as a weight loss treatment. It is not new to enter the range of Vinegars for years filled with the spectrum of its varieties, those that are made are with fruit as a basis to enhance the flavors of this variant of the wine which aims to spice up salads and other cooked foods. In the case of Apple Cider vinegar, doctors recommend its consumption in appropriate doses, since is an easy way of ingesting potassium, whose failure causes tiredness and makes that we feel exhaustion, especially in the mornings. It is recommended for arthritis and poor circulation, because it helps to improve these deficiencies.

BURN the fat of way discriminated against according the advocates of this product, their consumption provides a quick method of thinning, whose function is to open the fat cells so they go through the veins to muscles, which are burned by exercise, i.e. are eliminated by energy consumption. The result is an effective way to weight loss. The ingredients of these capsules of cider vinegar seem to also play an important and challenging role to curb the development of new fat cells, the result of its properties is that removes the fat that is deposited, in some people in the stomach, hips, buttocks or in any other part of the body where it is susceptible to accumulate that annoying substance that it disfigures our silhouette. Because that can be too much acid and unpleasant to the palate swallowing as liquid apple cider vinegar, herbal experts recommend capsules that they lack flavor and do not harm the stomach. The composition of these capsules is composed of Apple vinegar enriched with minerals and pure powder. Apple Cider vinegar ingredients solve the problem of a completely biological form and in absolute chemistry, say its defenders. The capsules are gently wiping the body and gradually obliterating the extra kilos. For those who want to lose weight faster, is recommended to take one capsule before each meal, i.e. three per day.

  • January 24th, 2015
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* Nutrition, nutrition always do by to nutrition? -Science shows us every day how nutrition is the cornerstone which affects our health. -Power source for vital functions. -Source of energy for physical activity and proper recovery. -Direct effects on health. * Do for that Herbalife? -Why is the leader of nutrition worldwide.

-Offers personalised with individual follow-up plans. -Why Herbalife relies on the science of nutrition. * Nutrition key to health: nutrition exercise aggressions external Herbalife nutrition healthy and simple to carry long-term healthy lifestyle * that changes should seek? -Increase the number of intakes: 5 times a day – if few ingestas worst absorption – increasing 20/40 grams daily fiber consumption – improved intakes of vitamins and trace elements * improve hydration:-minimum of 2 to 2.5 liters of water a day – drink continuously -Balancing water and salt – consumption improve the consumption of high quality protein – the lack of a single amino acid blocks the synthesis of a protein * soy benefits: (Smoothie Formula 1) – avoid fat and sugars added – consume carbohydrate complex and associated with fiber (lower GI) – vegetable food instead of refined – antioxidant vitamins * nutrition and exercise more than gasoline – exercise can be a balance for the body – importance of muscle:-Deployer element of weight – a correct and balanced nutrition is Basic for the athlete – weight is essential to sports in which moves – nutrition can help recovery and assimilation of the work that in the execution of the exercise. -Nutrition is key to exercise is something that we renew rather than something that wears us down. * Assimilation of training, concept:-the Agency’s ability to create adaptations against workloads. -Limit of assimilation: injury or fatigue. -Concept key: < Recovery > * drink a smoothie after training -Proper nutrition, proper rest and aid (massage etc) * metabolic window – important concept distinguish:-type of exercise:-force – resisting – we want:-recover glycogen – recover muscle – carbohydrates + protein, retrieves the muscle – before and during the exercise, isotonic with hydrates of carbon + vitaminas+antioxidantes – after exercise, carbohydrates + protein _proteina at breakfast * fundamental premises:-Do not damage – which is allowed (no doping) – that is economically affordable. * Are supplements useful? -In some cases there is a demonstrated effect ergogenico – in other many cases this demonstrated a positive effect on the recovery/assimilation of the work – adjusts us intakes more easily.Define very well than how much and when and even how we eat.

-We can manage them at that very moment – substitute food – isotonic (improves performance) – combinations of carbohydrates and proteins – bars (only energy and) with proteins)-antioxidants and vitamins – caffeine – creatine – Alcalinizantes * without hydration:-fatigue – reduced performance – not only lose fluids (beverage isotonicas) – balance consumption water + salt – associate caffeine and carbohydrates enhances the immune system – Herbalocio offers custom plans with free tracking – home service throughout Spain 24/48 hours. Marco Gomez HERBALOCIO.COM Tlf:681. 039.

The type of the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes (L.) can be dangerous especially for people with weakened immune systems Worgl/Tirol were repeated it in the recent series of illnesses and deaths, which has recently become known, on a special until then unknown type of Listeria are. The type of bacteria Listeria can cause the disease listeriosis in humans, deadly ending at 30 per cent of those affected. People with weakened immune systems appear to be susceptible to a Listerieninfektion. Only an intact and strong immune system can permanently prevent infections and prevent disease. To ensure that our immune system works perfectly, it is needed daily to supply the body with all essential nutrients. A balanced diet is crucial in the first place. These can not always be guaranteed are helpful here dietary supplements, such as colostrum (colostrum of cows) and thus cover in any case recommended daily intake of nutrients.

Colostrum, strengthens the immune system and helps the body build a strong immune system. The colostrum in the first 12 hours to more than 65 per cent consists of immunoglobulins. These proteins as antibodies to assume an important role in the human body. Daily intake of colostrum by Colpur can contribute so their immune systems, to strengthen their immune system and their immune regulation”, as us Thomas Osl (Managing Director of OCS colostrum Vitalplus GmbH) told in an interview. Moreover, the highest quality assurance measures are taken in the production and processing of Colpur products to provide our customers with not only a genius but also a safe food available. Since the establishment of our company, we deal with the sustainable production of colostrum and scientifically supported development of the manufacturing and finishing processes. This manufacturing and finishing processes, the in the production of Colpur applied, are already part of a scientific research project of the Department of food science and food technology of the Universitat fur Bodenkultur in Vienna.

The innovative project is supported by the Austrian research promotion fund. We examine now the colostrum powder on the absence of Listeria monocytogenes. In this respect is the result of full traceability for each batch. In addition still an environmental monitoring of the production rooms is carried out on Listeria monocytogens. Also there is no mention of Listeria monocytogenes. There is a certificate of analysis from each production batch. The application of preparations on the basis of cow colostrum in humans is more recommended for the following areas: strengthening immune: the ingredients in colostrum bind many kinds of bacteria, viruses and yeast and prevent a penetration into the organism. The immune regulation, i.e. excessive immune reactions of the body, such as for example allergies To strengthen the cell growth and regeneration of cells. It neutralizes free radicals and inhibits the development of damaging cells. For the treatment and prevention of intestinal diseases. To improve the performance by a high proportion of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This unique dietary supplement nature enables us once more the opportunity to stay healthy. It is desirable to stay healthy through natural food supplements and vital, to rather than to toil with diseases through life. ZAROnews Antony Zettl ham Lake 7 6330 Kufstein

ZARO Biotec realized a new modern online shop now, with more products and interesting innovations to the topics, health, beauty, vitality & energy Kufstein/Tyrol ZARO Biotec ( had only an own product range, eBoard, ePad, SpVital, BioTopVit, living harmony crystals, energy crystals and of course the eClypsi were”, explains Wolfgang Potzl, sales coordinator of ZARO. Now we have now several thousand customers and which should get other valuable products, such as the food supplements of life gold”, a product line the ZARO Biotec in cooperation achieved with a longtime associate. To come now constantly more product innovations in the areas of health & beauty, fitness & energy, man issues, wellness & Spa, water & water filters and much more. We would offer just in addition new, proven, first-class and unique products the many loyal customers to the known range. Products, the man so hardly get somewhere. And it is us very important to know that our customers are not normal customers, our customers love us and they also show it to us, we receive often touching letters, emails with great stories around the ZARO products. We love our customers, we have virtually no complaints and that makes us not only joy, but also the customer. The new shop is now reachable under supplements and nutrition the topic nutrition retreats today like a thread through the entire media landscape.

On the one hand you are all current cooking shows on television with their nutritionists, to Stylize even simple yogurt to a medical miracle fabric on the other side the advertising that creates it and at the same time calorie bombs and promotes fast food. And there is yet a third page, the ever-increasing body consciousness and a social compulsion to re-emerge, having to conform to a certain body Mass, a certain character, a certain look. This remains a healthy eating mostly on track and prosperity diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and bulimia, are health problems to be taken seriously. Therefore we have with life gold”supplementation realized, that missing building blocks that the body needs to make available can help. Thus, a possible malnutrition can be compensated and to prevent various diseases. Dietary supplements should and can generally help to enrich their own diet with appropriate vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Nutrition can be enriched with nutritional supplement in periods of increased demand, if indeed the needed amount of food (energy) not sufficient optimally to meet the daily needs. This can be the case quickly in times of pregnancy, illness or even strong exercise. Even smokers have an increased need for certain vitamins, which are covered by a corresponding supplement can prevent possible deficiencies. In various situations, certain substances in the body to a greater extent are simply required to maintain the body’s functions and to prevent deficiency symptoms.

Here may it be then, that over a period of time or by a sudden shock (partner died unexpectedly), fears have arisen, as for example will I be always supplied in life? Or, conversely: have I not supplied the unconditional obligation, that as a responsible mother or wife being my next about everything to make? In the polarity, there are always two sides of possible contexts. Be strengthened can such a theme conflict then, if these symptoms have already occurred in the family or extended family. The fear that it could meet also, increased most in such cases. But now realize that it is always “only” to the theme of life itself. Cancer or other as difficult or even incurable classified diseases just don’t occur.

Let me more advertising campaigns, GE – and bans and the like on the other contexts such as auto suggestions, not yet, which may be in addition resolution. It is therefore to learn how their soul to them in their lives with the challenge of life, which is behind the symptom and you will get up here not recognized have? If is fully aware you become, regardless of which disease picture it also, you can choose a suitable therapy to what actual awareness goal at stake here for you, in which you have the greatest trust. For a cure you have created the condition, if you now connect the clear, unwavering determination, with the real joy of life to change your life to want to again fully participate. You can create this firm stance not just as mentally. The inner passion to find the life newly and completely fulfilled, must be your drive motor. It is important to have a knowing this person on your To have that supports you without incurring new dependencies page.

This help must be sincere and clear. Very useful, also a short, temporary detachment from a familiar environment may prove this. A spatial distance supports a new attention to the now significant in your life. Ralph-Dietmar Stief holistic therapist

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Berlin Rainbow spirit Festival at the $12 devoted to a holistic way of living raw food not only positively affects the body from, but also on the spirit and soul. More and more people discover this phenomenon. Now the trend is picked up spirit festival also by the organisers of the Rainbow. By the 12th 14.11.2010 also a series of lectures on the spiritual effects of offered an interesting mixture of large exhibition, workshops, introductory sessions, spiritual concerts, bodywork experience rooms and relaxation oases of raw food. Special star of the Festival is the world-famous author of Brandon bays, through the self healing method developed by you the journey”became internationally known. In the field of holistic health, nutrition, and counseling, Britta Diana Petri is represented, known pioneer in the field of vegan vitality food diet. The dedicated head of RainbowWay Academy is on November 12th and 13th on the Rainbow spirit festival equal several lectures on the spiritual dimension of Keep raw food diet. Key questions include how food affects on our physiches and psychic life?”and why vegan vitality diet promotes the spiritual growth?”.

” Also it involves addiction reduction, self-Liberation through vital food and luminous art of living. “Further questions such as what addiction means why so many human addiction show how you can redeem itself what has to do diet thus?” extensively treated. Also in the area of high-performance sports the theme has entered raw food diet & spirituality. So will give a lecture on Sunday, Nov. 14, mountain bike Pro Stefan Hiene about the transform diet”. Hiene plough together with the participants through the jungle of nutrition lessons and raw food phase: how should I feed? Where there is objective and reliable statements about the diet? Why are there so many different opinions within a raw food diet? “And who is right?” Raw in terms of Triathlon, Sanna Almstedt, successfully convey the laws of health and in a vivid way, notes that without health everything is nothing! Author Christian Opitz reported freed about a diet and how the body tells us what food he really needs for health and well-being? The central theme is the life energy, nutrition and spiritual practice.

A wide range of vegan raw food treats RainbowWay Academy, Festival spirit at the fair of the Rainbow health food company seedling and the coconut specialist Dr. Goerg offered. “” “In addition, the Hans Nietsch Verlag offers the rohvolutionaren green of smoothies” for consumption on and presents interesting reading in the field of raw food such as E.g. the recent book heal you self “by Markus Rothkranz, green smoothies” by Victoria Boutenko or liberated nutrition “by Christian Opitz. Learn more about the event see:… Press release from: GermanyGoesRaw Heike Michaelsen D – 21680 Stade fax: 03212-1177 488 Web: GermanyGoesRaw is an independent information portal for the vital food and healthy nutrition. All vital food events held in Germany, fairs, workshops, communities and vital trips and camps, restaurants and inns will be announced on this platform. Also lists sources for vital food books and living food products.

In the packages with the input and output are scanned and recorded in parallel by a high-resolution color camera. Operation data stored together with the image data of the digital recording system, to ensure a unique mapping from images and package data later. Now scanning the goods is however increasingly expanded RFID technology. This saves a lot of time, because the goods must be entered manually, but can be updated automatically by readers in a matter of seconds. It is therefore important that the integration of RFID data into the video images is possible to continue to identify packages and whole pallets,”explains Norbert Jungbauer, Managing Director of initPRO.

The technology can be found anywhere where goods movements take place: in addition to logistics, for example, in the trade or the production. In addition, many are other possible applications: if RFID tags are integrated into identity, people can equal a video image powered-up is located or the abuse of the card immediately controlled. Compliance with fire safety requirements through integrated PeopleCounting is conceivable. RFID will be used more and more frequently in the future. Through the established capability of integration, we are already now well prepared for the future and have once again provided a pioneering,”explains Dieter Dallmeier. Dallmeier Dallmeier has more than 25 years experience in the transmission, recording and image processing technology and is recognized as a pioneer and innovator in the field of CCTV/IP solutions worldwide. The profound knowledge is used in the development of intelligent software, and the production of high-quality recorder and camera technology.

This allows Dallmeier, not only stand-alone systems, but network solutions to large projects with perfectly matched Components to offer. The focus of the company was from the outset on own innovative development and highest quality and reliability. This and the extensive experience in the CCTV and IP range have resulted in a rapid growth and made possible a leading position on the international market for digital video surveillance systems. about initPRO initPRO deals with data analysis and software development, system integration of RFID. In addition to advisory and project-accompanying services developed the company software products for business intelligence (BI), RFID and service & repair management. The business focuses on the integration of RFID technology in the industrial production and storage.

Among the great number of laptops we highlight in our opinion, one of the most compromise models – Acer Aspire 5520G. This is the case when presenting the goods, the seller said that to you a reasonable price-quality ratio. Thanks the fact that the model is based on the platform amd, the cost of the laptop is really relatively small. In this case, the proposed equipment was not of "lightweight". Suffice it to say that the manufacturer used enough speed for the amd Turion chip – version of TL-58 with a frequency of 1.9 GHz. The amount of memory (2 GB) and hard drive (160 GB) matched perfectly optimized – to work in Windows Vista, their capacity is sufficient. Among other distinctive features of the configuration it is worth noting the average performance discrete graphics nvidia GeForce 8400M G. In general, according to experts, the proposed model perfectly combines very high performance at a very affordable price.

The appearance of the notebook Aspire certain influenced by the purpose laptop. They are homely, not throwing in the used colors. Not surprisingly, especially for the range Acer Aspire has developed a new unique design Gemstone. In particular, the outer part lid is made of black plastic. The reverse side of reinforced special glossy insert. Several cut edge of the cover given a laptop for more visual image. The internal design of Aspire 5520G is made in white. In combination with the black outer scale, this makes it suitable for use in office environments.