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Dietetic Osteoarthritis Treatment

Posted on November 26, 2014 in News

Chondroprotektiva plus Omega – fatty acids together provide enhanced benefit more and more people in Germany suffer from osteoarthritic changes of joints. This is firstly due to the aging population, but also linked to specific living conditions of those concerned. More generally, the osteoarthritis is a disease which is due to wear of the joints caused by overloading or inflammation. To a certain extent, this development is normal and due to the increasing age. But more than that: A pathologically increased wear and tear of the joints make more and more problems associated with inflammation those affected. It is therefore useful addressing both causes for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritic joint discomfort and pain to treat not only the symptom. The nature offers for natural Chondroprotektiva and anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids. According to a recent study from Germany, the two partners work together better, as the Chondroprotektiva do it alone.

The ArtVitum Combi Pack plus provides Chondroprotektiva plus Omega-3 fatty acids for patients with joint problems. The most complaints in the joints are due to wear and tear of the articular cartilage and inflammation. Both processes are mutually reinforcing and are responsible for the relevant symptoms such as pain and stiffness of the joints. A reversal of this process, so treatment of the osteoarthritis is not possible according to the current state of knowledge of medicine. It is possible, however, to slow the progression of the disease, perhaps even stop and to bring the disease to a halt. Natural remedies have been proven in the physiological treatment of osteoarthritis are the Chondroprotektiva for the protection of articular cartilage and the Omega-3 fatty acid ALA as a natural anti-inflammatory. Both in proper dose used in the long term, can be very helpful for patients with joint pain and osteoarthritis. Contained in the food oils Omega-3 fatty acids, among which also the vegetable ALA affect positively with its anti-inflammatory properties on the inflammatory process in the joint.

WellDex Finally

Posted on November 24, 2014 in News

The Welldex Guide “at last slim – so gehts” reveals what behavior changes really finally slim makes an effective diet. For a permanently effective diet, helping willing to weight loss after failed attempts, finally lean, behavioral changes are indispensable. The Advisor “at last slim – way” by Heike Dexheimer presents an easily comprehensible programme which facilitates weight loss with sequential steps. The experienced author has summarized their study results for the Welldex book to a method, which shows inner blockages in diet failures and explains step by step how these blockades be removed quickly. With the extensive knowledge of the book, Abnehmwillige can easily change their behaviour and lay groundwork for diet success. Around 90 percent of weight loss attempts the subconscious resisted the effort, to be finally slim. Established patterns of thought and behavior only prevent the desired weight and sure after a diet that the dreaded Yo-Yo effect again destroys reached diet success.

Against this background, the new Welldex book is more than a diet counselor. The “Slim & fit” program enables readers step by step, to expose their individual diet blockades and to lift and break new ground for an effective diet. During the reading, it is clear that an effective diet must remain a pipe dream if there is the will to change familiar habits and know – how exists. The author of Heike Dexheimer has processed her long preoccupation with health issues and scientific studies, a self-help programme to give weight loss agree. “I wanted to show up any of its own power can eliminate subconscious blocks to be finally slim”, she says about their program. The Welldex Advisor gives theoretical backgrounds and gives detailed advice to sport and nutrition. With the presented program mental changes are supported by extensive knowledge and the necessary conversion of life is made easier. Diatwillige see more details about the book and how it supports an effective diet, in order to finally slim, lose weight finally slim-book / description of the company WellDex was founded in 2008 as the Internet shop, with the intention to offer to Advisor for more quality of life in the areas of health, slimming, fitness, beauty, anti-aging, etc.. Main attention is paid to offer advice in book and video form, which allow the customer to easily and simply to acquire the required knowledge or the desired skills.

Park Hospital Leipzig

Posted on November 20, 2014 in News

Nine trainees start in their first year of training and for seven newly qualified nurses begins at the Park Hospital in Leipzig the professional seriousness of life on the 1st September 2010 nine trainees start in their first year of training in the Park Hospital in Leipzig. They here to health and nurses or health and nurses are trained in the coming three years. At the same time the entry into working life is for seven trainees, who have just completed their third year of training with success imminent: you will be taken over by the Park Hospital in Leipzig and worked from September 1st in the care service. At the beginning of the new year of training a total of 30 trainees go through their training at the Park Hospital. “And the chances to get an employment contract immediately upon successful completion: if not professional, reasons, we offer a professional perspective all our trainees in our House”, says managing director Martin Jonas. We have a high demand for well-trained Nursing staff, we cover most by specially trained professionals.” Human resources manager Rudiger Thul added: the demographic development is just health care ever greater challenges. Perspective, fewer and fewer young caregivers will be available for more and more elderly people available.

We are already for years of this challenge, by we consistently focus on the training of new specialists.” Today, approximately 900 employees work at the Park Hospital Leipzig in the last three years alone approximately 170 new jobs have been created. The Park Hospital Leipzig accepts applications for the 2011 training year until October 31, 2010. Important note to the media: like we provide if you are interested a fee-free press photo available. Photo opportunity: Ex-trainees Sandra Fahmel, Claudia Reiter, Carolin Hotschel, Juliane Rehak, Katrin Becker and Jennifer Meissner (v. l.) enjoy their career at the Park Hospital in Leipzig. You will be on September 1 as Health and nurses be engaged (photo: Dirk Brzoska).


CompaniesBelted Hospitality

Posted on November 18, 2014 in News

Mystery check is a great success with more than 100 applications only recur, if their expectations are met or exceeded – even better – guests. Quality assurance plays a crucial role in the catering and hospitality industry. At the same time, the permanent innovation is crucial: A gastronomic business must constantly evolve. The German hotel and Restaurant Association of Schleswig-Holstein (DEHOGA), which have trading company tourism agency Schleswig-Holstein (TASH) and the CITTI therefore developed a system of covert tests, which offers assistance in improving their individual site hosts. 100 companies have already signed up so far, 75 of them the first so-called mystery checks were carried out from January until April.

It offers 65 of the tested plants were found as well and will enjoy the belted hospitality Award”on the DEHOGA Landesverband day on April 11 from the hands by Economics Minister Jost de Jager. Goal: high quality “the increase the quality throughout the entire chain of tourist service one of the main goals of the new orientation of our national tourism strategy is in addition to the target group orientation”, said de Jager. With the new tourism strategy, the country have used not only the strategic framework, but with about 31 million annually since 2006 also contributed significant for promoting the tourism industry. “”The project supported by the DEHOGA Schleswig-Holstein cuisine”connects with his actions belted hospitality” and the planned online producer guide the demand for a high quality of service in our restaurants ‘ “, said the Minister.” The high number of farms, which now instead the neutral mystery check, was very gratifying. “This shows the great openness our local gastronomy, to face the competition”, said the Minister.

Interest in mystery checks after calling in radio and print media 750 individuals who often and like to go out for dinner and passionately Cook applied as Service Tester. According to telephone interviews, selected 60 applicants were prepared in intensive training on their task. “We very pleased the great interest on our joint action and the good performance of our businesses”, says DEHOGA President Peter Bartsch. “” Who want to test its operation, can at any time we log on to the next Awards will be awarded at the end of the year. “” After attending the service tester, each participant will receive an evaluation, which lists the individual strengths and weaknesses of its operation. “Short – and medium-term it is also very important to advise interested enterprises on their way to more quality and offer practical solutions to the entrepreneurs'”, as Philip DANTES, product manager fine dining at the TASH. ” “A gastronomic business must evolve constantly. Quality assurance and innovation play a crucial role.” Restaurants, country inns, can declare participate Inns, bars, pubs, outing clubs, and Cafes. Companies which have complied with at least 70 percent of the test criteria, are as well and with the belted hospitality “. “The test report primarily serves the self control and offer a good basis for targeted staff interviews. Poor test results will not be published””, emphasizes thorn Berger. The registration is continuously possible on de/belted hospitality at the price of 160 net plus voucher for 2 test eaters for DEHOGA members. Non-members pay 260 Euros net plus voucher for 2 test eaters. The project is supported with funds from the European Fund for regional development (EFRE). Source: Press Office Ministry of science, economy and transport


Marie Lynn Doll Hospital Nominated

Posted on November 18, 2014 in News

An expert jury has nominated the great Marie Lynn dolls hospital with complete equipment for this coveted audience award toys, children should be fun! It should awaken their creativity and promote the skills. Every year, thousands of new toys appear. The readers and readers of the journal family & co.”choose each year the toy of the year” from this wide variety. An independent jury of experts nominated the great Marie Lynn dolls hospital with complete equipment for this coveted audience award. “In the category for kids” the jury nominated the dolls hospital with full equipment and bending dolls of Abe. The super equipped hospital set include full-featured bending dolls, and many detailed accessories: genuine cotton balls for the operating room, a fully operational wheelchair, four interchangeable x-rays, height-adjustable X-ray machine, a drip car and much, much more. The prize is annually as the only audience Europe by publishing group award family media and the Association of the German toy industry. Already the nomination by the expert jury considered great honor in the industry.

“Goes to the vote’s are the nominees toys on the Internet in the current issue of the journal family & co.” released and shown on the Internet on the page. There, the vote for the Golden rocking horse will 2nd July 2013″instead. Nripen Ernest & Pebble of Goll nest & Pebble KG is one of the major HolzspielzeugHersteller in Europe and the largest toy company in Northern Germany. In the toys and giftware trade are the trademarks of heimess grasp (baby toys made of wood, made in Germany), Susan Wood TIGER, ‘ cause, and anchor became known. The company was founded 33 years ago by the two owners, the brand heimess grasp exists for over 50 years, the ANKER Steinbaukasten GmbH in Rudolstadt has been more als130 years. More than 2,000 different products form one diverse ranges of the toy industry at all. Helmut Roloff


European Community

Posted on November 17, 2014 in News

One of the main problems that have slimming diets is that suspended once, generally recovers the initial weight. This is due to the brain takes that period of decrease of food as a famine that has to recover, is that in antiquity periods of food shortages were frequent and the brain is conditioned to that for centuries. At the Hospital infant Bristol Royal dependent of the University of Bristol (Great Britain), a group of scientist headed by Dr. Julian Hamilton Shield they took a group of 106 patients between 7 and 17 years and subjected to the control of an intelligent scale called the Mandometer created in Stockholm (Sweden). This portable computerized scale measures the portion size and the time that it takes to be digested, in real time. To inform the individual, as you are consuming foods placed on her, with a chart showing the rapidity with which the food is being ingested and compared to the ideal rhythm that should be it, teaches them to eat less and slower FOMA. The important thing is that these researchers have discovered that the effects were held six months after completed treatment that showed that those who had been subjected to this system had changed his eating habit. Of course the study was accompanied by psychological help. This method which has already produced results in bulimia and anorexia could be a breakthrough against obesity which threatens to European and American populations.



Diets To Lose Weight Quickly Without Losing The Mind

Posted on November 16, 2014 in News

It is necessary to follow any diets to lose weight quickly. In the quest to lose weight, many people fall into the temptation of making rapid and unbalanced diets that produce more harm than benefit and what is worse then not only retrieves the weight lost rapidly but even gain weight. A balanced weight loss diet should contain all the basic food groups in a fair proportion. The vegetables should be present, because not only are sources of vitamins and minerals but are they helping to purge the digestive system due to its high content of fibers. The digestion of vegetables, especially those of green leaves, consumes more energy which contribute, and therefore help to mobilize the fat reserves. Several intakes of vegetables daily will help you lose weight. Fruits can also be used as collation.

Diets to lose weight quickly must contain in addition plenty of water (up to 8 glasses per day) far from meals, typically 15 minutes or half an hour after each ingestion. Water not only helps to purify the kidneys and therefore to eliminate impurities in urine, but it also collaborates in the streamlining of fat deposits, as many calories are needed to burn the unique contribution that makes the vital element, especially if water is cold. To maintain a balanced diet to lose weight should not miss carbohydrates, though it may seem otherwise. How your calories are consumed then that sugars, they are ideal to consume during the night. They maintain the required level of energy and prevent the night visits to the fridge. The meat should also be present, at least two or three times a week, because the proteins that contribute are irreplaceable.

The white meat (chicken or fish) is preferable to to red meat, because they are lean, and if they can be baked or grilled better, to avoid ingesting oil or frying that collaborate to make us gain weight. There is a guaranteed way to burn body fat quickly. If you find yourself in a State of despair at losing weight, the following message is more important than you could read. Now Click here. Original author and source of the article.


Muse People

Posted on November 16, 2014 in News

Aligning us, let us drag, and even anchor us with people that living life from a flat negative or resentment us inclined to reduce our field of sight and action, since we remain tied to an anchor or remora that allows us not to walk, reducing our possibilities of growth and evolution, and therefore in this case those of the team. When you are motivated you is much more feasible that the inspiration comes, and as wisely said Pablo Picasso, if the Muse, better that we caught busy working. Dealing with us doing activities that we like makes us proemployment generating a greater sense of happiness, generating a geometric progression of greater life satisfaction. Hence, closer to negative people make us unwittingly let us take by their negativity. Instead if we click, and we change our perception towards positivity we attract and alinearemos us to the same kind of people. Perhaps some the assertion that says, we only changed in essence when us giving consequences real do not count.

That is why before a potential threat, the positive that we will draw is to assume the situation, to then act occupying the mind in something positive instead of worry and anchor us in the complaint and resentment, the best we can do after taking it, is to get down to work with attitude and positive fitness course. And what better time than the current and the crisis we are experiencing to change, having become aware already of the situation. It says that whoever has the will and motivation has needed to be the protagonist of his life, the decision now is in your hand.


Magnetized Water

Posted on November 16, 2014 in News

Magnetized water, – health, beauty and longevity. The magnetized or magnetized water is an excellent magnetic supplement that is applied by resulted proven therapists with medicinal in diverse parts of the globe. The scientific works on the influence of the water magnetized on the health are known, mainly associated the treatments of diverse types of reumatismo, osteoporoses, the epilepsies, ulceraes and plus some other types of treatment. Dr. K.P.V. Menon, famous French doctor, made experiences with patients and proved diverse cures, having declared that the magnetized water directly attacks the root of the illness in any part of the body that if finds there, and declares not to be capable to explain of necessary form this phenomenon. The magnetized water contributes in the improvement of the chronic riots, including of skin, improvement of considerable form the digestive processes, speeds the action of the renal system, prevents the irregular retention of liquids, prevents against the formation of calcificaes, help to normalize the endcrino system, as the cholesterol, the acid rico and the happened consequences of its bad functioning. The termomagnticas bottles of efficient technology, mainly the Japaneses, currently distributed for the Haiving International Company with proper headquarters in $fortaleza, since June of 2010, are perhaps one of the best equipment of this sort with great durability and efficient system of magnetization.

This type of equipment efficiently allows the reconstruction of molecules of the water, becoming magnetized them. The magnetic field has the power energetically to break the molecular tensions of the liquid, leaving balanced it, well diurtico and assimilable for the organism. Health, – consequently, beauty, joviality and much more with the benefits of the magnetized water that assists in the chronic riots, increases the functions of the renal system, improvement of considerable form the digestion, contribute in the normalization of the endcrino system, as cholesterol, acid rico and its consequences and can be ingested in all the etrias bands. When ingesting regularly magnetized water, we are contributing for a good draining of toxins and other maleficent impurities and will be preventing internal infections and those that if reveal in the skin. Rejuvenescimento and beauty walk together when we understand that the magnetized water makes possible the reestablishment of the weak organic functions and for contributing in the reduction of the precocious aging. It is added everything this the fact of the magnetized water to reduce the free redicais and the acidity of the organism.


Healthy Animal Feeding

Posted on November 11, 2014 in News

If silage quality is crucial for a good animal feeding, as it is played animal health feed on silage, which does not mean, as has been shown not to be used, all Otherwise, what if you do not do is ignore any of the requirements recommended here. Conclusions gully can be used as silage silo to develop as a way to preserve food in the dry season. The process of erosion that occurred when the gullies remain unprotected slows to 95% due to maintaining a gully full of plant material and plugged, which prevents you drag the effect of rainfall, resulting in decreased soil loss. It improves the soil, as in producing silage in the gully, during this process, we will remove organic substances which are going to go on the floor sediment of the gully crusting ensuring the activation of other microbial flora, life beginning to take part again this damaged land. It is economically feasible production of this food, very cheap for farmers, is to be used as crop residues, animals such as fish, without the intervention of chemicals besides transportation at no additional cost. If you follow the correct procedure is very useful for all types of livestock feed, being a safe and nutritious food supply in the dry season, where as we have already raised a shortage of pasture, and those remaining are not very nutritious.

Today there is great ignorance on the subject. We recommend using the gullies and crop residues available in the grounds permitted to produce this food, because as has been demonstrated its economic, social and environment has been established. Extend this initiative to all producers not only mountainous areas, but also the flat. Alvarez RJ 1972 Bibliography. A study of the ccomparative nutritional value of the protein from ensiled fish. Cuban J. Agric 6, pp219-222. Berta Sardinas Boada et al.