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Proper Diet

Posted on June 11, 2014 in News

Pimples can be countered through an adapted and more conscious diet! Every day lots of fluids needed vitamins and minerals for pimples of the body so that he can work very well. Among other things, the appearance of the skin depends on the amount of drinking. With two to three litres of herbal tea or mineral water per day, the organism receives important minerals and toxins can be flushed out. Vitamin C supports the production of collagen. Collagen makes skin moist and makes it look nicer.

Vitamin C containing foods are, for example, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, cantaloupes and papayas, soy sprouts and Paprika.In vitamin A is included. This vitamin ensures intact skin cells and counteract the ageing process of the skin. In addition, the production of sebum is reduced with this vitamin and not more so quickly clog the pores of the skin. Zits away with zinc and Omega fatty acids, zinc is used among treatments for acne. There is a Shows lack of zinc, this can be found also on the appearance of the skin. Zinc ensures that pollutants can not easily access the skin and skin blemishes. Zinc reduces the production of talk and supported the Division of cells. Liver, oysters, wheat bran and sunflower seeds are among the foods that contain a lot of zinc.

There is also much zinc in veal, Brazil nuts, cashew nut, hazelnuts, oat flakes and cheese. Paradoxical it may sound, ensuring a tight and supple skin with fat. This is with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, possible, located for example in nuts and salmon. Chocolate Zits away nibble long time rumor held, chocolate is bad for the skin. It was even claimed that pimples due to chocolate. Cocoa, which Bestandteile make for a better complexion inside this sweet seduction. For people who suffer from pimples and like to nibble something sweet, it will be a boon that she now without hesitation allowed to eat chocolate. There are many antioxidants in cocoa. To protect the skin against free radicals. When buying chocolate, care should be taken that it has a high proportion of cocoa. In chocolate zinc and various vitamins are included also, among the vitamin E. This vitamin has several functions: it inhibits inflammation, protects the skin from damage of the cells, promotes wound healing and blood flow. Also, vitamin regulates the hormonal balance. Alone due to the ingredients of chocolate is tackled many causes of pimples. But of course you should not excessively eat chocolate, because then it would be unhealthy. And occasionally a little chocolate snack is good for Zits diet.

Investment Act

Posted on June 5, 2014 in News

In contrast, fall under the term shares in assets, holds or manages the issuer or a third party in its own name for foreign account (trust) “indirect investments in closed-end Fund through a trustee ( 1 para 2 digit 2 VermAnlG).” It would be, that would be to distinguish between direct partners and trust held shares in the business license. This distinction already contained the current Regulation ( 34c paragraph 1 paragraph 2 GewO a.F.). This would mean that brokers who give shares in closed-end funds in the form of limited partnerships, both as direct participation and the trust model, must apply for a business license for another product category. Because closed-end funds in the trust model would then be under other assets in the meaning of article 1(2) of the Investment Act”(article 34f par. 1 digit 3 GewO) thus falling under a different product category. As a result then almost all closed Fund broker need also a permit for the third category of product “, says lawyer Dietmar Goerz by GPC Law law firm investment mediation. The Berlin lawyer are also to bear in mind the following: another product category in the permission to record means not only a higher management fee for grant.

An additional category has also an extension of assessing competence to additional topics and the asset liability insurance to additional risks to the result. It must be visited an additional module in the preparation course and the insurance premium is higher. “The latter is expected to not only doubling the cost. Because “, so the lawyer of Gorizia, the third category of product contains much riskier products, why the VSH insurers have calculated much higher premiums. This issue doesn’t change also by the AIFM implementation Act (AIFM UmsG). Although parts of the recently only in force be section 34f GewO formulated immediately again. Then units or shares on closed investment funds fall under the second category of product in the future”(section 34f para 1 No. 2 GewO N.f..).

Since this provision expressly makes reference to shares, will fall under the second category of product in the future no holdings in the trust model “, says lawyer Gorizia. Managing Director of GPC Law still on the following points: who wants to take the old rabbits treatment, should apply the additional product category before July 1, 2013. Because it may be that the competent authorities recognise the old Hare qualifying only for the previously requested product categories. “RA Dietmar Goerz links: draft of law on the implementation of 2011/61/EU directive, the managers of alternative investment funds (AIFM implementation Act AIFM UmsG)”

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