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Acute symptoms show up in ovarian cancer only in the later stages. A cure is complicated. The diagnosis is often unexpected and a shock: ovarian cancer. In addition to the uterus and uterine cancer, ovarian cancer is the most common female genital cancer in Europe. In Germany, approximately 8000 women develop it. Because this type of cancer due to lack of acute symptoms is often only discovered in later stages, the long-term survival rate in these cases is below 50 percent.

Hormonal contraceptives can minimize the risk. So far no early detection of possible screenings for early detection are so far not useful according to experts. The cancer spread more broadly through uncontrolled cell division and initially very resemble the surrounding tissue, which is why the early stage of detect basically still don’t exist, so the gynecologist Prof. Dr. Barbara narrow field.

First symptoms appear late there are some warning signs, where women can find a possible disease. These occur but usually on, if the disease has already progressed. A permanent bloat and bloating can be signs, water retention are the reason. Also a longer existing nausea or changes of digestion can speak for the cancer. A general feeling of weakness, undue weight change, or bleeding after the menopause suggests that urgently a doctor should be consulted. Family history attention to women can focus in the run-up to known risk factors. So a family medical history is an indication, which demands attention. Ovarian and breast cancer in the family raise the probability of an own possible disease, especially if there were these diseases before the 60th year of life of the family members. A specific gene mutation increases the risk of cancer. Women with different preloads can with their health insurance advice and genetic testing inform. Common ovulation also should be more frequent ovulation (ovulation) benefiting injured ovaries for ovarian cancer. This is so for women who were never pregnant their first menstrual period early and late menopause began. The reason is that during each ovulation small damage to the ovaries occur that patching the body again. In these places, it however may be an uncontrolled cell division. Ovulation paused in pregnant women and nursing mothers, the small damage caused by ovulation occur so rarely. The risk of disease from ovarian cancer minimizes also using hormonal contraceptives such as the pill, which suppress ovulation. Treatment depends on the stage of the disease a quarter of the patients can be treated at an early stage, sometimes even no chemotherapy is necessary. 75 Percent of sufferers are diagnosed with ovarian cancer in late. Here the infected tissue, including the uterus, is removed and is undergoing chemotherapy. Can be found by metastasis formation not all cancer cells, chemotherapy can prolong the life time something.

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The Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel informed a neurological disorder brings serious changes in his life mostly for the people affected. The effects relate to the areas of functions and structures of the body, which can strongly affect the activities and activities. Occupational therapy is working on the functional and sensory skills and the capacity-building, to ensure a maximum independence and therefore quality of life of the patients. What neurological disorders among other things for an occupational therapy are eligible and what objectives it is, explains the Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel from Cologne. Among other following neurological disorders can be treated ergotherapeutisch: apoplexy (stroke) multiple sclerosis (MS) Demenzielle changes in Parkinson’s wrong and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and diseases stroke a ergotherapeutische treatment contains among others the following aspects: promote maximum independence and autonomy in the physical, mental and social area of usage and improvement of produced physiological movements in everyday improvement of coarse, fine motor skills to stabilise foot and perceptual functions improve the balance and coordination activation Neuropsychological abilities, as improvement in the behaviour and interpersonal relations orientation, attention, concentration, endurance, memory capacity and memory supply with AIDS (for the hasulichen and professional area) for more information from the Praxis fur Ergotherapie Elisabeth Brechtel Cologne at your disposal. Press contact Praxis fur Ergotherapie contact: Elisabeth Brechtel sixty str.

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Women in Germany are deficient according to national consumption study II with two important vitamins. 91 percent reach the recommended daily minimum dose of vitamin D, and 86 percent are below the recommended level of folic acid. i especially in pregnant women a deficiency can affect blatantly. Because many studies show that prevents a good supply of folic acid neural tube defects. Gynecologists recommend women intending to become pregnant or pregnant women to ensure an optimal supply of folic acid. The supply via the diet alone is not sufficient for most women. Reason: folic acid is an extremely heat – and light-sensitive vitamin that is often lost due to storage and cooking. Currently, numerous studies highlight the importance of vitamin D in pregnancy. Here are four examples: The researcher Eveline Leffelaar has in the British Journal of nutrition 104, 2010 indicates that the vitamin D status in early pregnancy influences the growth of babies before and after birth. ii the importance of vitamin D in the Pregnancy stressed the scientist Fariba Mirzaei during the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurology in April 2010 in Toronto. You could risk of the babies in the course of his life multiple sclerosis to develop significantly reduce. “iii – Elina Hypponen, co-author of the study” avoidance of vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy in the United Kingdom: the case for a unified approach in national policy “is quoted on July 3rd, 2010 by BBC as saying: we believe that the routine administration of a daily supplementation significantly would reduce the number of mothers with a significant deficit of vitamin D and the risks during pregnancy for their babies.” iv sound Kassim Javaid in the Lancet, volume 367, 2006 could reduce the risk of osteoporosis for women aged a vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy. v that indicates that women should speak folic acid and vitamin D pregnant and pregnant with her gynecologist necessarily over. One is recommended routine blood test, to make to determine the vitamin D deficiency.

The Sanitatshaus Shrikes from Bochum informs an artificial exit (stoma) is still a taboo subject a large incision in the life and in the public. While a good Ostomy supply is essential to get more quality of life and well-being in everyday life. A good ostomy care already requires a detailed consultation prior to surgery. The Sanitatshaus Shrike from Bochum has a long experience and has the target set itself, to combine medical needs and quality of life and explains what a professional stoma care is included. STOMA – the artificial gut or blow out the surgically created stoma is an opening in the abdominal wall through which the bowel or urinary tract derive outwards to the belly surface. A stoma is always the outflow of urine or stool, if it on the natural pathways no longer or only with great difficulty.

A stoma is a more burdensome intervention also mental. That’s why need an individual advice and support in dealing with the new circumstances the person concerned as well as members. This concerns not only the nursing aspect, but also the range of products for the supply. Scope of services – vote the right supply of medical and nursing staff – transition from the hospital to the home – preventive counselling and care in selecting the best care measures – measures, to avoid instructions to the independent handling of the products – complications – home visits and delivery of the necessary products and tools range – wide range of one-piece or two-piece Ostomy supply – products for skin protection with an Ostomy supply – products for supply after the surgery – additional products such as supply bags for more information about the stoma care pending the doubtlessly Shrike Bochum gladly at any time at the disposal.

A herbal formula on the basis of cat’s claw, strengthens the immune system and supports conventional cancer therapies. This is nothing new, but standard, because too many today from accepted procedures had to go decades of ways before they could establish themselves. But in cancer, it is fatal to wait until a change of paradigm, vehemently demanded by more established doctors, is passive. Because the number of cancer patients is increasing rapidly and who as affected party or member has experienced, as fatal and the minor and aftereffects of chemotherapy can be full of suffering, is grateful for any information, which overlooks a therapy enhancement or mitigation of the disease process. Ancient knowledge of the indigenous people of the Amazonian rain forest helps in the meantime numerous patients in Europe. Even modern medicine has now recognized that the healing knowledge of Indians has a great potential. Therefore, this knowledge today of the pharmaceutical industry being studied systematically.

Many recipes of Indian shamans have already become the modern medicinal basis however, the true basis of these pharmaceutical drugs is no longer visible, because the original herbs and plants themselves are of course not patentable and the true knowledge providers, the Indians come up empty. The Austro-Hungarian physician Prof. Dr. Thomas David, searching since more than 25 years, is committed therefore independent of the industry life mission, to help mostly people with severe and most severe diseases such as cancer, but also chronic diseases such as Multiple sclerosis. He led numerous expeditions to the indigenous peoples of the rainforest area, where the above-mentioned hostages in the Western world are virtually unknown. One reason: The knowledge of healers and shamans to the healing powers of certain plants for the health or well-being of the human organism, already pre-emptively, insert. Prof. David and his international team of researchers have this Krauterrezepturen in the course of the last two decades extensively explored and their enormous efficacy in numerous clinical studies and in-vitro studies, including at the renowned Vienna, University Clinic of internal medicine I and at the Medical University of Pecs in Hungary, occupied.