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Hair Irons

Posted on March 22, 2014 in News

All of us know how important that is look fine and beautiful in every place and time, and apart from clothing and all the accessories that we use to see us more attractive, it also has much to do our hair, you could say that it is more important for us at the time to think about beauty, if we have a truly beautiful hair and a style that attracts much attentionlooks us defrayed. But getting this possible? It is the question that probably the vast majority of us ourselves. At the moment in which we think about hair styles always think about the main tool to make it possible (plates for hair). With the plates for hair we can perform all styles of hairstyles that you want at any time without any difficulty, but many of us believe that the plates are bad since they burn us our hair and do not harm it, but I would like to say that this happens because the iron you are using is poor quality and dishes that has done little damage to our hair a little everytime to the use. Also many of us gives us something of fear ironing us hair constantly since we have surely heard that if we use much the iron is going to burn the hair and that at the moment in which we’re ironing hair is bad to pass the iron several times by the same strand because it damaged us our hair. But as I say this happens because we have a poor quality hair straightener, it is very important to have information about the best iron for hair which have special features that does not result in any damage to our hair. At the moment that we are going to buy an iron for hair we have to fix in that it has variable temperature control since all hairs are not equal and in this way we can graduate the ideal temperature for our hair, and not only that but they also we can graduate the temperature for different styles that you want us to do. These are the plates for hair that no matter the amounts of times that let’s the iron by the same strand, this will not be affected in any sense. Original author and source of the article


Posted on March 14, 2014 in News

Science fortunately discovered that as our earth with all the other planets, rushing into the space, it gets most of the cosmic dust on their northern hemisphere than in the south. Also knows that this explains the quantitative predominance of the continents in the northern hemisphere and a great abundance of snow and moisture. Millions of such meteors and the finest particles reach us every year and every day. Gaseous matter is constantly added to our atmosphere from the ongoing fall of the meteorite, much of magnetic material and however, for scientists it remains an open question – whether any relation Magnetic conditions, such as a drop of rain or not. Further, we do not know about any 'form of movements, set pressure, expansion and etc., are obliged in the first solar energy. " Science ascribes too much and at the same time is too short 'solar energy', and even the Sun. The sun has no touch to the rain and very little heat, and we know that heat that the Earth receives from the sun's rays, is in itself a greater degree, only a third or even less, the amount received by it from meteors. Thus, the reasons for the steady in recent years climatic vagaries to be found in the changing magnetism of the Earth and the meteor mass above it. But how, if the nature of magnetism, structure elements of matter from elementary to advanced, and the same substance, consisting of those elements, scientists still do not know? And the matter is that there is, so far, their kutsoe materialist worldview that does not admit the existence of a plasma (not ester) of this mystical substance spilled all over a limited space of our universe.


The Truffle Assemble Study

Posted on March 8, 2014 in News

Architecture: Assemble study / Anton Garcia-Abril Location: Costa da Morte, Spain Project area: 25 square meters Project year: 2006-2010 FotosRoland Halbe truffle is a piece of nature with its origin of construction on the same land, full of air. A space within a stone that sits on the floor and mixed with the territory. In the same process of construction is it camouflaged, emulating the processes of formation of minerals in its structure, integrates with the natural environment, respecting their laws. This construction has been made a hole in the ground, accumulating in its perimeter the topsoil removed, obtained a retaining dike, a kind of construction as an albardon without mechanical consistency. Then materialized the air construction with a volume of bales of Hay, which filled the space between Earth and did construction air to solidify its contours of cast concrete. The pouring of mass concrete wrapped the air of construction then removing the Earth is discovers that amorphous mass with the texture and irregularities of this construction method. The Earth and the concrete exchanged their properties. Concrete with its texture and color, its form and its essence, and the concrete that gave Earth its strength and internal structure.

Only the construction of a stone had been conducted. Then cuts with construction, with a saw for quarry machinery, have been to explore its core and discover its mass in the interior of building with straw, now compressed by the hydrostatic pressure exerted by concrete. Architecture surprised us. Its ambiguity between natural and built, the complex materiality of the same element of the mass concrete construction not reinforced, provides space for small architecture, at different scales. From the amorphous texture of its exterior, leaves with the violent incision of a cut that reveals its vocation for architecture and gives rise to the expression fluid solidification of concrete inside. This dense materiality, which gives the vertical walls at the rural level, comes from the size of the plates, and contrasts with the continuity of the roof that evokes the sea, petrified in the lintel of the spatial structure, emphasizes the horizon as the only line of tension within the interior space of the building.

To provide the space with all the comfort and the necessary conditions of life in architecture, we take the Cabanon of Le Corbusier as motif in architecture, recreating its program and dimensions. What the Cabanon of Beton reference that makes the truffle of a pleasant space to live in nature, has inspired us. And the lesson we learn is the uncertainty that led us in the desire to make this building with our own hands, a piece of nature, a contemplative space, a small poem of architecture. A quarter of concrete with the textures of food the cows, this is something new in nature, really something big, the unknown is embraced rather than being feared. Fun project Cordial: ArchDaily original author and source of the article.


Beauty and Hippocrates

Posted on March 1, 2014 in News

When it comes to makeup the day a young lady, remember the golden motto of Hippocrates' Do no harm! " After all, health and beauty do not last forever and need to take care of their youth has a fact invaluable components of a perfect appearance – shiny health smooth skin, fresh complexion, bright eyes and sparkling smile. Often in my youth we're pretty careless attitude to their appearance, and then in later years, reaping the benefits and sigh when he saw the wrinkles around the eyes. So that if you are beautiful and still young you just left all this property to stress by making a couple of correct accents. Want to improve complexion? It would seem that what could be easier. Enough to hide the redness and minor spots and if the pores are too visible, hide them by means of tone as close to the natural shade of your skin.

To maintain an even skin tone throughout the day, use of quality powder compact and a magical spell of beauty, 'I retreat to powder your nose! ". Avoid overly bright colors and causing makeup and abrupt transitions from one shade to another. In summer and in hot weather aside eyeliner and eyeliner in black, better use of chocolate, aubergine, emerald green and brown shades. Besides all these colors appear on the list of the most fashionable in this season of summer 2010. Eyebrows enough carefully comb and secure with a special gel, pre-plucked and giving them a nice shape. Outdoor radiant look, women also highlight the delicate palette of shades day century. Colorless lip gloss will give the lips sexuality. A drop of light spirits – and succinct and natural at the same time inviting look ready! Stay beautiful and young. Source Ealana women's internet magazine