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Suffering and Anxiety

Posted on February 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

It was valid that you? You were not less Of what an insane person Nor more than a insensato. This your anxiety Of Wisdom was not more than what pure Ignorance. In the much Wisdom It has much fash and what it increases the Knowledge also Increases the Suffering? The true Wisdom Never the true Knowledge Will never be Agony or Suffering. The Suffering and the Agony Happen of the lack of Knowledge Happen of the lack of Wisdom. God with Wisdom Created the World In perfect harmony. How pods to say That With that God everything created Cause to the men Fash and suffering? In the Truth, Qohlet Never you reached Wisdom Never you reached Knowledge. Therefore everything this is not Real, Was your real Illusion.

God is only detainer Of Wisdom Alone It knows, It Only knows, Everything what the Humanity Is unaware of. You were King But you were man Therefore Never you knew Nothing Never you only knew Nothing Therefore in the end the truth Will be disclosed. Perhaps the secret, Qohlet is the free-will. You believed that everything In the World was Illusion and Was, For you, For you was. I believe That everything In the World is Real and for me Is? I believe. All the realities Or Illusions Of this World Will be joined In one same Point Join, It deeper. Perhaps Perhaps the secret, Qohlet are, are In the free-will, Therefore everything was made To one alone hand, the hand of God. It is this hand That in the ones of a possibility to believe That everything is Reality Or Illusion? everything Is. Qohlet Yours to know is ignbil Enfraquece the uncertainty not to think has more pureness In a simple ones to look at the Nature. You did not perceive Qohlet That all the Being Has inside the eternity In one to remember Of Homesickness? The Man can age But the Memory does not age does not die, Forever remains. The Life is not a Hell the Life is not a Storm De Inverno, Life is joy, is a smile Is a copy of the Paradise.


Posted on February 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

We live looking for sensible for the life, while we live we look for To look pra to cure pra to silence pra to aquietar pra to bother When we find a direction, we fail to meet of others; paradox that becomes incandescent the life! Nomadic beings are what we are to make a mistake before and later and always making a mistake. The new seems to be what it is not, and what it is felt is looked in the direction of a shipwreck already established daily pay In the egg, what he is old comes new; changes load ancestries, old atualidades; inevitably we are creation and recriao, production and reproduction, evolution and involution. To seem does not mean to stop to be, but yes, to be to see to see what it must appear, to see what the conditional eyes adulam and the mouths bathed for peonha in verb form they vomit burramente, in the anxiety to torment the perfect imperfection of the disoriented order of the things. We are nomadic walking in only direction! This is felt! Felt for the life, felt for the life, the lives without having had sensible! Errando for there