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The embryo is inalado in small particles of the poeiras (of not superior diameter the five micrometers) that they penetrate in alveoli terminals, and can originate the primary injury in any zone of the pulmes: bao, liver, brain, or meninges (tuberculosa meningite). The dissemination of the embryo through the sanguineous chain or of the bronchis determines the generalized infection more, respectively the tuberculosis through baking after that for the lymphatic nodules the region to hilar, of where it is led for some agencies and weaveeed by the sanguineous chain. The cousin-infection of the skin (Lpus) is currently rare, observes for times the infection through the cutaneous injuries because of contaminated materials, to the step that the intradrmica injection of vaccine BCG can produce a complex primary, with local injury of the skin associated with the adenite. Although the tuberculosa meningite as a pulmonary complication. The after-primary form of the infection is the type most common of the tuberculosis. characterized for one or more injuries of the lung that takes caseificao opening of caves, affects the respiratory tree and provokes the open tuberculosis. 1.2.11) Therapeutical and Chemotherapy Is sensible the antibiotics estreptomicina, viomicina and cicloserina, as well as acid the p-aminoone (SHOVELS), hidrazida of the acid isonicotnico (isoniazida), uncle-semicarbazona, metionamida and piraazinamida. Although its sensitivity is capable to generate resistant lineages to the end of two the three treatment months are essential that: ' ' ) if they manage, since the beginning of the treatment, two or three composites antimicrobialses, to reduce to the minimum that possibility; b) if cultivates so quickly how much possible the responsible lineage and if determines its sensitivity, therefore in the case of that resistant being outra' ' (Cruickshank (1968) apud Mitchison (1963) Exactly in the absence of the HIV the tuberculosis if becomes resistant not being the simply .causing HIV of the resistance. The tuberculosis is habitually contagious.

Summary This study has as objective the survey amongst the authors, who can inform if the treatment with GH to fight the losses of muscular mass and force that follow the aging. Strategies as substitution of testosterone, substitution of the growth hormone and training of resistance exercise. As if it ages, one observes a reduction in the muscular mass, this still can be caused by the reduction in the size or loss of muscular staple fibres or of both. The aging process is associated with the loss of the muscular mass, in responsible part for the decline in the function of the esqueltico muscle and in the force, contributing for the increase in the number of falls in the aged one. With the age the levels of GH and IGF-1, important mediators of the proteinic synthesis, tend to diminish and the muscular mass consequentemente.

The amount of lost muscular mass with the aging also depends on the physical activity, and the loss tax is lesser in those people who keep a regular regimen of physical activity. Such demands had made of the oldness a privileged subject of inquiry in the distinct areas of knowledge, in special in the branches of the physical education. From the accomplishment of the present study, and in accordance with the diverse consulted references, were possible to evidence and gradual effectiveness of a program. Of this form, valley the penalty to stand out that the prevention is the efficient strategy most important and to reach these objectives. Appropriate the physical activity and a healthful diet has the most promising results, as much in the prevention how much in the treatment of the Sarcopenia, it can be valuable so that the individual if keeps in its physical and mental fullness, contributing to increase the longevity. Word-key: GH and Sarcopenia and testosterone

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The shyness inside of its limit has function of social regulator in permeando in relation our behavior before the society, however when the shyness is felt in excess, it can involve difficulties of relationships. The Cognitivo-Mannering Therapy considers that the therapeutical changes are reached in agreement the cognitivas distortions are corrected. Ahead of this, one worked in the present study with a young of 21 years of age, customer of the Clinical School of the Iles/Ulbra de Itumbiara-Go, in which if it used of instruments and planned techniques of the boarding to evaluate and to intervine in the complaint. For this they had been carried through atendimentos weekly in the proper Clinic of the Institution being based on structuralized of 50 minutes each and supervised sessions. One evidenced that in the taken care of case a cognitivo deficit in the customer was identified, what a little more delicate became the sessions, however not hindering to show the evolution of the positive results.

ARLETE MENDES PEAR TREE VELY MOREIRA DOS SANTOS TREATMENT IN MENTAL HEALTH: tack to the therapeutical medicamentosa and main adverse Clear Mount reactions psicofarmacoterpicos College of Health Saint Augustin 2009 1. INTRODUCTION the question of the tack to the therapeutical medicamentosa is argued and studied for professionals of health for if dealing with an essential point for the resolubilidade in the psychiatric treatment. In this study, they are identified, argued, and, analyzed the biggest difficulties faced for the users of the CAPS-TM (Center of Psicossocial Attention? Mental upheaval) and/or its responsible ones, in the care with the administration of medicines, considering dosage and dosage of medicines. The CAPS-TM (Center of Psicossocial Attention? Mental upheaval) is the service of health financed for the Clear Mount city in partnership with the governments State and Federal. Consisting of a clinic specialized in Mental Health and assistencial unit of secondary attention, CAPS III, destined to the multiprofessional attendance (clinical druggist, doctors, social psychiatrists, psychologists, assistants, sociologists, nurses, occupational therapists, among others professional of average level and technician) of the patient serious and psychotic neurotics, that in such a way allows to a system of reference in the attention with the hospital expenses how much an incipient displacement of the financing in mental health.

In this referencial service for all population mounts-clarense, actions of average complexity are executed, prioritizing themselves the users with serious mental upheavals that need intensive and half-intensive cares. With functioning in 02 turns, during the five weekly working days, they offer activities of psycotherapy in individual group and, medicamentoso attendance, therapeutical workshops, visits domiciliary and familiar e, when necessary attendance, attendance of users in its domiciles? in situations of crisis, high hospital or treatment abandonment. Visits to the institutions that give hospital services of mental health to the Only System of Health? SUS and the displacement for the withdrawal of users of institutions of private incarceration? task developed next to the State Public prosecution service? also it has been, eventually, attributions of the services.

The VICIOUS CONSOLIDATION OF distal RADIO of tero extremely is complidada therefore this will go to directly afetatar the function of the fist and hand, therefore as Pimentel says (1993, P. 37 and 39), ' ' The fist is the key of mo' ' ; PARDINI (2000, P. 420) affirms that the traumas of distal radio can compromise function of antebrao and the fist, the function of the hand also will become harmed, since the fist is the functional key of the hand. It is important to stand out that the more precocious it will be this boarding, better will be the result bio-mechanic-functionary of the affected segment, being that the function of the hand will tend to be harmed, that is, will have a reaction in chain due to the initial trauma? the breaking, and to the secondary trauma, that come to be the deformity of the fist, loss and/or difficulty in the accomplishment of the movements of antebrao, fist and hand, being able in some cases to compromise the shoulder even though. In this work we will go to show cases where a boarding was possible precocious and as this boarding she was beneficial to the taken care of patients.

This work was carried through in set with the team of Ortopedia/Surgery of the Hand in H.E. Peter II, Rio De Janeiro /RJ, in the period between 2002 and 2010; Hospital So Paulo, Muria/MG, in the period den September of 2007 the June of 2010; State hospital Adam Nunes Pear tree, Duke of Caxias in the period of December of 2010 the June of 2011 where they had been directed to the Service of Occupational Therapy a total of 30 (thirty) cases of vicious consolidation of distal radio, treated to form conservative, being possible a precocious accompaniment of these patients and the gotten results. It fits to stand out here that 80% of the taken care of patients had opted to not submitting the new surgical intervention, such was the satisfactory result of the function of the fist/hand.