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Clinical Psychology can assist the individuals to go exactly in search of itself, its fears, its distresses, its emotions and in the search of the BEING INTEGRATED IN ITS ESSENCE. Who is the Psychologist? She is a professional graduated Psychology and registered in cadastre in the Regional Advice of Psicologia (CRP). What it is Psycotherapy? She is practical relationary of the psychotherapist and its customer in the proposal of assisting, guiding, to facilitate to the individual to the meeting with its questions and problems in the search of the contact confluente between our being, of our existence and in the solution of its questions. ' ' Contact is a magical word, is synonymous of full meeting. Of change, life. It is invitation to the meeting, delivering-se.' ' (Jorge Ponciano Ribeiro) ' ' We are on intently to the question of as the person perceives itself and to the way as, from this perception, it if she organizes in it.

' ' (Jorge Ponciano Ribeiro. Who search the aid of the Psychotherapist? People who search self-knowledge or that they have existenciais questions, People who they are passing for suffering or you distress, with difficulties in deciding its alone questions and situation. People who search orientation professional, difficulties of interpersonal relationship, of communication, with command and managers and of customers. People who had passed for situations of risks, of accidents or situations of violence: sequestrations, assaults, abuses and estrupos and amongst other traumatic situations. People with depression, phobias, syndrome of anxiety, bulimia, anorexy, crazes, tiques, neurological and psychiatric syndrome of the panic and questions. People with related emotional questions to: she estresse, difficulties of relationships: familiar, couple, friendship and lovers, feeling of inferiority, constant sadness, constant anxiety, fears, aggressiveness, sleeplessness, unreliability, exaggerated irritation, situations of I fight, of loss, conjugal crises, obesidade, extreme frustration, cimes, physical symptoms without apparent justification, pertaining to school difficulties and related learning, hiperatividade, questions the difficulty with aging, education of the children, amongst others. People directed for some professionals: doctors (psychosomatic illnesses, psychiatric and neurological and syndromes), social assistants (situation of risks, social, relationary and others), pedagogos and professors (difficulty learning, relationships in the area of the education), fonoaudilogos (questions of speak, voice, auditory and others), amongst others. Bibliographical reference: Ribeiro, Jorge Ponciano Ribeiro. The Cycle of the Contact: basic subjects in the gestltica boarding. So Paulo, Summus Publishing company, 2007

The creator is child birth strength of new sensations. The poet and children reunite the world. They experience the joy of a new sun on the earth. Child and poet are the same. The first of its sincerity.

The second in the search stubborn primal joy. Childhood, absence of pain, ignorance of the limits and the course of time, lack of a sensitive destiny. In So the man knows the pain, feel the death-encompassing struggle against it irremediable "Ignacio goes up the tiers with all his death on his back. Sought for the dawn, and dawn was not "(a Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias"). Childhood is the beginning and end of life of the poet ("In April my childhood I sang a ). Childhood is not a happy age lost forever. Nor is the romantic nostalgia for a return impossible. Children have a natural characteristic: rediscover the place where it was life imprison their reality, take up and communicate to others through language.

This attribute is also characteristic of the poet, unpublished sensations announcer. E1 child has a constant surprise, since in it the elements do not have a specific function. The child is able to transform into a dog or cat to decipher the song of a lark. In the boundless imagination of the child, a paper cup can be a vessel or ship, stars, light bulb of the night, the wind comes from the breath of a giant, or Frederick, speaks to the whisper of the trees.

The trajectory of Michael's know almost everyone, even those who do not have idols. So I prefer to tell you that my uncle, that person as Cyrano's nose before him, he just died a daughter just turned 18 years. Revolution to which I referred above is just that. His talent has not been another to be the same despite himself. Never again … and I mean that "never again", my Uncle Curro Porritt, looked up from the ground. Never again was alive although he had not died until yesterday.

In all that we call death. In this embodiment does not exist. Since that day, revolutionized his inner world, walking without looking, without seeing greeting, eating and perhaps unable to thinking that there was little to be with her. With her daughter, there, wherever it was that "there", because I know that was not religious and it is likely that at this time without it, has even become just wanted to open the door to heaven and see. As my mother … What is not done by a child …! Curro Porritt, the man who accepted his fate blunt nose, could not accept being alive while she was already dead. So he died. He was killed at the same instant to bury it and decided to take a secret.

He did it for those who were still alive. Not to disturb his wife, another daughter and possibly their grandchildren will never know they had a grandfather died. That's not it could never forgive.

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Faith and love in their branches recognizes Christ the divine tree, we know, and that evil always known Because God never admits in his plans. I am the vine, you are the branches and ear bread is divine, grapes and I press, my thoughts. Flowers in full my growth for the wedding feast of fate, good water, Ala. turn into wine! Trees got good fruit divine, Christ, full. Sonnet divine sign and full life out of the tomb the dead body incorruptible Divine, Jesus, who imagined his own death, the sign of Jonah and the whale. All the divine soul in Stunning full glory on your body in this manner, the victorious triumph of the strongest eternal and immortal, free from pain. Accurately and resurrected three days before yesterday crucified body from the tomb where he was buried. Abyss and fullness, sky cries in the Eternal glory, risen, AAL Prince of Peace congratulates you! He is the Messiah, Resurrecting The sign of Jonah.

Sonnet Wine strongest overcome evil with good, a with this couple achieve the triumph of death and sin, the grace of Jesus crucified stronger than the force of the devil. Beat love without hate in pandemonium And the glory of God has saved us, the risen Jesus Stunning Three people, divine heritage. The flower of the Gospel in human glory of God’s word is sovereign, God Force divine spirit. Invincible faith in our destiny paths to glory the eternal love paves Triunfo, AES our fate! The strongest God overcomes evil with good, eternally.