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a Read: Before reading that I mean, I would like to pay attention to what Jesus says to his disciples, see: a But I tell you truly, there be some standing here who shall not taste death until they see the kingdom of God. a Luke 9: 27 a Many read this passage, have believed that Jesus promised them some of the disciples, that would not taste of physical death and they would live to witness all the events that were to come but his words was related to what would happen in a very short time, and that's what I told them I would read, a Acontecio as eight days after these sayings, he took Peter, John and James, and climbed the mountain to pray. a And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered, and his raiment became dazzling white. a And behold, two men talked with him, which were Moses and Elijah, who appeared in glory and spoke of his departure, which was about to accomplish in Jerusalem. a Peter and they that were with him were overcome with sleep, but staying awake, they saw his glory, and the two men who were with him. It happened a them away from him, Peter said to Jesus, Master, it is good for us to be here, and let us make three tabernacles: one for you, one for Moses and one for Elias: not knowing what he said. a As he said this, there came a cloud overshadowed them, and they were afraid to enter the cloud.

Richard Bach

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The product ends with the teacher leaves, leaving a mark on this earth. Perhaps the plot is not original, the analogy can be found in the Bible and the teachings of other religions. But the meaning of the parable Richard Bach handed an easy and understandable for the reader's style. The author has another product – 'Illusion', where you can see a similar meaning. But the main character is not a seagull, and a man, and his wings – wings of an airplane.

But showing all the same to achieve absolute freedom and the lack of boundaries by physical and mental improvement. A similar story in the Bible, which contains a little parable about the Messiah. Essay by Richard Bach, "Nothing chance "also tells of flying. Young people and readers of other ages will be very interesting and informative to read the works of Richard Bach. Good and evil, life and death – eternal moral and ethical issues Bach affect in their narratives, parables.

Parables of the author help you understand how to achieve their own goals and be useful to society, how to get rid of the fear that you will not understand. Proverbs are read in one sitting, have little ambiguous allusions. The meaning of stories, the author makes a great deal to think, and the plot takes hold. One of the most ancient genre of literature called the parable. Small allegorical stories found in the Bible, works of writers of different religious and ancient philosophers. In contrast to the story, the parable there is a particular depth the idea that the author wants to convey to the reader.

Plywood Class

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Plywood fourth grade: it is possible an unlimited number of cracks, provided that their width should not exceed 15 mm. Light bark. This defect appears as sprawling in the barrel cortex or dry wood. Bark appears on the tree after severe physical damage, which did not lead to his death. Bark is absolutely not permitted on the plywood of the elite class. In the other Class I, the number is not . bark. A more serious defect, which is not allowed in the veneer of elite varieties.

Plywood first grade: the dark spots are allowed to bark width of 6 mm and a length of 50 mm. Plywood Class II: Fragments of up to 6 mm, length 100 mm. Plywood third and fourth grade: the number of dark bark is permitted in any amount. Zasmolok. This defect appears due to mechanical damage to the tree; portion of wood in this case is imbued with plenty of resin. Pitching are not allowed on the plywood of the elite and first grade. Plywood second grade: the presence of pitching is possible if their total area does not exceed 10% of the plywood sheet. In the plywood the third and fourth grades is not the presence of pitching ogranicheno..

In the tree structure often have cavities filled with resin. They are located or within one year layer or between layers. The presence of pockets of resin is not allowed in the veneer of elite and first grade. Plywood Class II: there may be pockets of a width not exceeding 6 mm.



What Is Death ?

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Does anyone know for real, what is death? I believe that yes, that's just this "someone" never even tell you. How it looks from the outside, they know everything – sometimes quietly, sometimes ugly, often horrific. But as she looks from the inside, the first person? I asked the question a long time. Why? Well, as far as I can judge from the outside, the phenomenon is inevitable. And the people around me interested in this little suspicious. I would even said – avoid the topic.

In my opinion, a strange avoid this, instead of closer look. When I sought a dense discussion of the topic of death, the caller will often upset. Fear, sadness, apathy or ostentatious "carelessness" – that's the whole spectrum of emotion talk. The questions I put to a standstill, were: "What would you do when you die? Well, here you are dead, a second ago. Your actions Next? ". The most common answers were: 1. Will go to heaven (hell). 2.

I do not know. 3. I was already gone, so nothing. 4. Are you crazy? 5. I will not discuss it! 6. I try not to think about. For me, the most honest answer is number 2 (although Number 4 is also nothing). In general, people, or "does not know" or running away from it. Naturally, my interest only increased! Years later, I learned that as he remembered how it had happened before. Do not get me wrong: I learned it for themselves. For others will not speak. True, in my opinion, is that the man himself had seen and experienced on the experience and not what others told him. But I can tell the direction that helped me personally – I was a little book to read "Once you to this life. " 6 years after that, I found the answer. Hell, even now, I'm sure that was dug from it too long. Another advice – be honest with yourself in this matter. And when you find the answer, do not dwell on the fact that "now I know." Try to reach such a state in which you can control it within ourselves. And if you will say that "it is impossible!", Rest assured – you are trying to breed.

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Then it was time grieving fiancee of his fate. It is believed that the bride is so good-bye to the parental home, but in fact it was a farewell song about death. The bride mourns himself as dead. Until now, the Novgorodchine sing about the shroud, which she wants to get a gift. Often the bride turned to the cuckoo – the birds that fly between the worlds – in order that it gave the word to their parents. In some countries, the brides were forbidden to laugh, to sit at one table and talk and go out. They – the dead and should be dealt with only by their dowry, because of beliefs in a different world for women allowed to sew and spin. Incidentally, the word "bride" means "unknown", that is impersonal, as if dead.

In some customs kept the memory of the parents' fear of the "dead" daughters. From this tradition – to lock in a dark closet brides. This custom came to the XIX century in the Pskov and Ryazan provinces. Brides dressed in a shirt with long sleeves so that they could not touch the things and people, as touching the dead – is detrimental. The matter did not came to making a monument for the restrictions.

Fatah, which used to be cloth, intended to hide the view, such a witch, "happy" bride. Understand the meaning and usage, associated with visit the bride baths, as washing before burial. In some villages, the bride after bathing placed under the images in "red" corner.

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"She was standing at the stove in his ironed apron, cooking, as usual, several dishes simultaneously. It was an ordinary day. But not for her! She was waiting for this day for over a month. You bet! After all, today's visitors come to all of your favorite relatives – children, grandchildren. The whole family is so rare in the collection, but she (and her favorite also, though apparently it does not show) misses the family and glad to meet each and every call. – What is there to eat? – My husband came from rooms, seductive scents manimy prepared dishes.

– Do you have wiped the dust and put the table? – By placing his hands on the belt and slide the gray eyebrows on the bridge, she said. Suddenly there was a sharp ring at the door. – Come, look, who's come to us! "Golden wedding – it's little wonder the modern world. Amidst all these couples, whose love can not stand the test of strength and those who may have separated the death, there are a handful of people whose marriage has shifted fifty-year milestone. And a miracle happens in your family! Make them remember this day heroes. After all, you see, this pair are the real heroes! How to make a golden wedding celebration of this memorable and event? Of course, a celebration with presents! By tradition, this day is supposed to mark a circle of children and grandchildren, best friends and, of course, witnesses. Spouses give the new hero of gold wedding rings because the old ones were worn out, and finger size has changed.


Study Dentistry

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Articulation of the roots of teeth with holes designed as a syndesmosis. The link is periodontal (peritsement) that fills the space between the slit hole and the root. The gap is not wide. It grows in the direction of neck of the tooth to the apex of the root and the average adult – 0,2 – 0,25 mm for the upper jaw and 0,15 – 0,22 mm for the teeth of the mandible. Periodontium following functions: 1) dynamic, as the reference and fixing apparatus of a tooth in hole, 2) system, cushioning the pressure that occurs during chewing, and 3) plastic inherent in all living tissues, and 4) touch-sensitive due to the presence of the endings of nerve fibers running through the loose connective tissue between the beams and the transmission of periodontal peripheral stimulation of the center. Histologically the periodontium is a fibrous connective tissue, consisting of a nonelastic fibers, which are located in different directions at different levels of the wells.

In the cervical part, they are placed, powerful beams, reaching radially and tangentially from the root surface to the hole, partially intertwined with the connective tissue of the gums, partially turning into a bunch of adjacent tooth. Slightly below the neck of the tooth fibers are in an oblique direction from the outside and inside the top and bottom. From apical periodontal fibers diverge radially to the bottom of the alveoli. Between fibers Periodontal encountered large numbers of cells (fibroblasts, osteoblasts, tsementoblasty). Connective fibers in the form sharpeevyh fibers with one end penetrating into the bone, others in the cement of the root.


Precious Smile

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Jewels – a brilliant way to impress, but what they are worth without the charming smiles of its possessor? Confident and shy, calling and charming, ironic and enthusiastic – a smile so diverse that it can express any emotion. In order to smile openly and widely, to be confident. Groomed lips, no wrinkles around the mouth, properly chosen lipstick or lip gloss, and Of course even white teeth – this recipe is ideal smile. The fact that nature gave us, it is necessary to preserve and multiply – and we buy the best cream, mastering the art of makeup. But to take care of your teeth need professional help. Once people have been forced to put up with the appearance and condition of their teeth.

Now, dentists can ensure the right of everyone to a beautiful full smile. One of the most effective ways to solve aesthetic problems with teeth – metal-ceramic crowns and bridges. They are a metal frame (frame) with a ceramic face. The name "ceramics" has appeared in prehistoric times, when a man exposing to fire pottery, drew attention to the strength and persistence of the form. The Greeks brought the art of working with clay to perfection. Starting from the VII century BC in a special part of Athens, called Keramikos, lived potters who were called Keramius, and their izleliya Keramos. This explains the concept of "Ceramics (Breustedt A. 1963).

The next stage was to improve ceramic manufacturing Chinese porcelain craftsmen – one of the best ceramic materials. For the first time the idea of opportunity to combine non-ductile and durable metal with porcelain occurred about two and a half centuries ago Foshara Pierre (France, 1728). He conducted experiments on the compound ceramic material with metal (gold, platinum). For manufacture of metal-ceramic prostheses used precious alloys (silver-palladium, gold and platinum) and base metals. Than metal-ceramic dentures made on the basis of noble alloys best dentures made of precious metals? Alloys of precious metals have a bactericidal action, the ability to inhibit the formation of caries, biologically compatible with body tissues. Teeth covered with gold crowns, almost never break down. In addition, in contact with the edge of the gums noble alloys do not cause browning and its crown is difficult to distinguish from real teeth. Skeletons of the noble Metals provide high accuracy of fit and give ceramics a natural shade. Metal-ceramic dentures can not only replace the defective dentition, restoring its integrity, but also correct shape, color, size, teeth, get their proper closure. A correct bite, in turn, can change the entire face, making him a more harmonious, attractive, young. Many women say that the effect of prosthesis compare with the plastic: with interdigitation smooths out wrinkles, even – and your smile is truly precious. We can give our patients are strong and beautiful teeth, and return them to the desire to smile.