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A If so, then you will easily understand how the person is arranged inside. Treatment of a person as a complex composed of separately, we will fail, because the human body – a common energy system. This is an open, dynamic energy information system. And as an open system, it constantly communicates with the environment and energy and matter. We constantly absorb some nutrients – and this matter. We distinguish carbon dioxide, sweat, steam, and it is – also matter. We absorb the energy, the same electromagnetic energy that surrounds us.

We produce heat. And there is a constant exchange. Electromagnetic system can not exist without dynamic equilibrium. Every moment is the oscillation of the system. And of course external radiation effect on us, but mostly here, probably has a value of proper impulses tissues. As happens formation of one or another form of energy in the body? The main source of energy – it is the food. There are many theories of nutrition, diet, but, nevertheless, it is possible to converge on one, that food has energy or Yin, or YANSKOY, ie, According to Chinese medicine energy in our body is divided on these 2 classes.

If we consider the same system of power in terms of chemistry and biology, it may have different impacts on the PH, ie, Some products are acidifying blood, while others – zaschelachivayut. Enrolling in a digestive tract, the energy is absorbed. Organism is a system in which every second place billions of biochemical reactions.

Pulse of Chicken is 128-390 beats per minute, a vulture – 250, and a sparrow – 460-8601 Insectivorous should fill the stomach B-6 times a day. And of course they do not reflect what the insects are harmful or helpful to us. However, it is estimated that harmful subject to destruction by 4-5 times more intense, and the overwhelming majority in the diet. At 40-75% (sometimes more) reduces the number of enemies of man in nature winged tribe. However, intellectual ability do not depend only on the size of the brain, but also on the volume of the body. As a rule, the greater the weight of the brain, compared with the weight of the body, the creature's head works better, and vice versa … Knowing these parameters, one can split second at first, to make presentation of intelligence insect, bird, animal …

Cows, for example, body weight exceeds the weight of the brain in 1000, the dog – in the 500, the chimpanzee-120, a person-to 50-fold. Um, it turns out, depends not on the whole mass, but only on certain sections brain – gray matter, where neurons are concentrated. Here in this respect man is definitely superior to animals. In humans, olfactory organs consist of 5 million cells, the little dachshund them for 125 million and 220 million at the Shepherd! A This means that an adult German shepherd dog 44 times greater than its human olfactory system. Impressive figure, but far from exhaustive. The number of cells has nothing says, there are subtle devices which indicate that the scent of dog in a million times smaller than ours.

1. His body and keep strictly to the diet, and sleep and rest: do not let him simply because it wants it, as the Apostle commands: "Provision for the flesh does not turn into lust" (Rom. 13, 14). Do not let the rest of the flesh. 2.

Their external relations reducing to the most inevitable. This is the period of training themselves to prayer. After the prayer, in you, will tell you that, without prejudice to it may be added besides. Beware especially feelings, and between them the most-eyes, ears, tongue tie. Without respect for this and do not step forward in prayer. It can not burn the candle in the wind and rain, so you can not pray at zateplitsya tide of impressions from the outside. 3.

All the free time after the prayer used the reading and meditation. Shall read-mostly those books that is written about prayer and all of the inner spiritual life. Meditate solely on God and divine things, the dispensation of the Incarnation of our salvation, but it is particularly about the sufferings and death of Lord and Saviour. By doing so, to plunge into the sea of divine light. Join this walking the church as soon as you will have the opportunity. Mere presence in the temple will overshadow you praying cloud. What do you get if you stand the entire service in a truly prayerful mood! 4. Know that you can not succeed without a prayer general prosperity of the Christian life. It is necessary that the soul does not lay any sin, not purified by repentance, and if at the time of prayerful work to do something, embarrassing the conscience, be in a hurry to clear confession to could you vozzret boldly unto the Lord. Keeps the heart humble contrition. Do not miss a single upcoming event to do some good or to exercise any kind of location, especially humility, obedience and renunciation of their faith. But it goes without saying that the zeal for the salvation shall burn, and quench it, filling his soul, in all, both small and great, should be the main driving force, the fear of God and unshakable hope. 5. So configured, bothered in making a prayer, praying for: that the prayers finished, then his, then a brief invocation to the Lord, the prayer of Jesus, but without losing anything of what may help in this work, and get the desired one. Let me remind you that says St. Macarius of Egypt: "Will God prayer thy work, and that you sincerely wish success to prayer, and give you a prayer. For know that, although soluble, and achieved by their efforts prayer pleasing to God, but this is the prayer that is infused into the heart and is relentless. It is God's gift, the matter of God's grace. Therefore, praying about everything, do not forget to pray, and prayer. " Venerable Nicodemus of the Holy (64, 205).

There is no need to purchase each vitamin separately. There are many different multivitamins, and therefore the mass of producers and their produce. Range of vitamin products differ in composition and dosage. Usually only one reception per day. Additionally, you can accept items, missing you, or not included in the composition of multivitamins. Vitamins and minerals are recommended to be taken after breakfast or dinner, when gastric juice is most active.

It is best to drink plain water. The caffeine in tea, coffee or Coke prevents full assimilation of the elements contained in the vitamin pills – so better not take time. On the choice. Choose a solid company, operate on the market. Large manufacturers, specializing in the production of vitamin pills, is constantly working to ensure that compatibility, quantity and quality used items contributed the most effective learning their body. Do not overpay for 'natural' vitamins. Synthesized – entirely identical to what we ingested.

The only exception to some of the vitamin is probably vitamin E, which affects the body being the most active in the natural environment – vegetable oils. Follow the recommended dosage – if only the doctor did not advise you to take otherwise. For example, excess vitamin A can cause intoxication, vitamin B6 – dysfunction of the nervous system, vitamin B3 – aggravation of peptic ulcer disease and diabetes, magnesium – provokes a bacteria overgrowth and intestinal disorders; excess zinc – depresses the immune system. It is best to minerals contained in the so-called chelate complexes with substances that enhance its activity, as such as calcium and vitamin D. Try to acquire vitamin complexes with a low content of allergens. Some companies produce vitamin supplements do not contain the usual allergens – lactose and yeast – which is very important if you are susceptible to allergic conditions. Vitamin supplements – that's great, but do not deny yourself in plant foods. Multivitamin tablet may not contain all the essential nutrients. Fruit juices and fresh vegetables must include in your daily diet. Take your vitamins without fear, if you do not exceed the recommended dosage. And good luck!