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Amfiprion Red (Tomato Clown) – Amphiprion Frenatus

Posted on October 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Amfiprion red (tomato clown) – Amphiprion frenatus Amfiprion or Red Tomato Clown (Latin Amphiprion frenatus) – bright, funny fish, a favorite of aquarium hobbyists as a beginner, and in large reef aquariums. The family of clown fish (Amphiprionidae) – family of small karallovyh fish, which has only 2 genera, represented approximately 30 species. Amfiprion Red found in warm tropical waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Settles Tomato Clown exclusively on coral reefs. Red Amfiprion not agresiven, protects from predators it, and gives shelter in a community reef – sea anemones (sea anemones) of the form Entacmaea quadricolor. The poisonous tentacles of sea anemones safe for Amfiprionov that allows you to exist clown with them in a symbiotic relationship.

In fact Amfipriony have no innate immunity to the venom of sea anemones, they receive the same burns as any reef fish. Tomato Clown acquires a "chemical camouflage" gradually, first treating the oral area and the edge of pectoral and pelvic fins, and then – the rest of the body. From the same anemones Amfipriona fall to pieces of food. Often symbiotic clown fish and anemone vidospetsifichen – certain species of fish settle only in certain anemones. The main diet of Tomato clown includes invertebrates, algae and leftover food its anemone. Through the head vertical white stripe goes with a black border. In the amount of up to 10 cm Amfiprionovye differ from their close relatives pomatsentrovyh with whom they are often combined into one family. Differences are more small scales and the outer edge of the gill cover to the teeth.

Muscle Stimulation: Useful Or Harmful

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Recently, more and more frequently advertised miostimulyatory, which, according to producers, can turn you into perfection itself effortlessly, whether it's "super-fitness belt, sipping his stomach and buttocks, or special bra, the use of which guarantees the shape and size of the breast. And it does not need to torture yourself exercises, restricted in the diet. It is only necessary to attach electrodes to the magical problem area, and a few weeks later, you get a coveted result. Let's see if it's true. For this we turn to the history and application of these promising devices.

Originally conceived for miostimulyatory rehabilitation, long located in the immobilized state, the muscles which over time become weak and flabby, as a means of physiotherapy. The principle of operation is based on all miostimulyatorov passive muscle contraction: a compact electronic control unit sends weak electrical impulses to electrodes attached to special pads or linings. Thus, there is a cycle "Reduction-relaxation" of the muscles. Muscle Stimulators, how would mimic the brain signals coming through the nerves to the muscles. There are as professional or medical miostimulyatory and domestic, that are sold in stores. Y professional miostimulyatrov many settings (current, pulse frequency, pulse programming, etc.) to understand which can only be a medical specialist.

Domestic miostimulyatory There are several types programs to train different muscle groups and is very easy to use. As a rule, the price of domestic miostimulyatory depends on the manufacturer, design and usability of this machine. Producers promise that, myostimulation applying for a month for 30 minutes a day, you can make the body "an attractive appearance, even without physical exertion," but warned that "despite the well-developed muscle mass, people will not be able to fully use it.

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Marx, Karl

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Of course, for each of us is very important to have a purpose in life. However, it is noteworthy that in itself our goals are often not sufficiently serious, precise and meaningful. Fallen leaves meaningless swirl in the wind and remain forever lie scattered on the ground, while blooming the leaves back up into the tree of life and help him stay healthy. In other words, everyone needs to know not only their life goals, but also its purpose. Knowing your purpose gives the correct direction to all of our actions. We can set ourselves hundreds or thousands of different purposes, but each of us there is only one mission in the name of where we live on this earth. Life – a set of aspirations and desires of man, not he committed errors.

Jose Ortega y Gasset In most cases, the purpose of man is spiritual in nature. Best example of this is surely the life of Jesus Christ. His mission is clearly defined in the Gospel of John (10:10): "I came that they might have life and have it abundantly." We have carefully studied the biographies of famous people and now would like to share with you my findings. So, I give you life purpose statements of some prominent personalities. Walt Disney: "To make other people happy." Dr.

R. Buckminster Fuller: "Prosperity of all humankind on a spaceship called Earth. Henry Ford: "Put the production and sale of cars on the assembly line and make cars affordable for everyone." Andrew Carnegie: "The production and sale of steel." Each of us needs to know its purpose, so if you are currently not yet have this knowledge, your main task today – to reveal his mission on this earth. And do not Remember to always write down all their ideas, desires and intentions. Find your destination to find their life purpose, we advise you to look into the deepest corners of your soul. If you have the desire and possible, try to have recourse to meditation. Explore the depths of his subconscious and find the answer to the question, what is your life purpose. Continue to ask this question until, until hear the answer – sooner or later it will happen. Do not forget to write it down on paper, but in order to facilitate the search for an answer, we suggest you consider a simple circuit: mission = answer to the question "Why?" target = response the question, "What?" strategy or plan for further action = reply to the question "How?" In other words, answering the question "Why am I here?" you definitely get to know my purpose. After that it will be easier to find the answer to a question "What you need to do?" And to define their life goals. Finally, the last step is to find an answer to the question "How?" Or, in other words, the search for a suitable strategy, it is developing a plan for further actions that will lead to desired results. Expanding the mission, you will not only put on their life meaning, but is probably completely change your own outlook. You will be able to take a fresh look at the surrounding world and themselves. A clear understanding of its mission to help people get rid of the alcohol and drug abuse, end depression, overeating, diet, and cure many diseases. Eclu you know what your destiny on this earth, you have no time for anything is empty.