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Mind Visualization

Posted on September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

In active mode, we consciously choose and create what we want to see or imagine. Both methods are an important part of creative visualization, and your active abilities and skills of perception to grow, as lessons. It is important to relax. Another very important rule for creative visualization – it is important to fully relax. When the body and mind are relaxed, electric activity of neurons in the brain changes and slows. This deeper, slower level is usually called the alpha level, and many current studies are based on its effects (whereas the usual active consciousness called beta-level). Alpha level is such a state of consciousness that brings health from a relaxing effect on mind and body. And it turns out to be much more effective than the active beta-level, changes in the so-called objective world by means of visualization.

In practical terms, this means that if you learn deep relaxation and visualization, you can effectively change your life, what would This is done through meditation, anxiety, plans and attempts to manipulate things and people. If you are accustomed to any particular way to achieve relaxation and calm state of meditation, you necessarily need to use it. Or try the method proposed here. Take a comfortable position and imagine, starting with the toes and ending with his head, alternately relaxing all the muscles of your body, imagining how things voltage goes out of you. Belly breathing deeply and slowly. Count from 10 to 1, with each score of feeling more relaxed. Undoubtedly, additional benefit of deep relaxation is its recreation the impact on the mind, and telo.Osobenno good deal of creative visualization in the evening before bedtime, or the morning after waking, since at this time the mind and body are usually already deeply relaxed and receptive. May perhaps you want to visualize lying on the bed, but if you want to sleep, it's better to sit on the edge of the bed or a chair, get comfortable, the back should be straight. When the back straight, then the energy safely passes through the spine, and it will be easier to reach the alpha level of consciousness.

Pediatric Dentistry. Dental Health Tips

Posted on September 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Toothbrush 1. It is required to choose a toothbrush with soft bristles. 2. The length of the bristle head must be equal to the width of 2.3 teeth. 3. Before you clean your teeth after cleaning should be washed thoroughly brush.

4. Brush must be replaced when it wears out. Toothbrush bristles bad cleans teeth and may injure your gums. Rekomenduetsyamenyat toothbrush every 3-4 months and always after infectious diseases. At the present time are preferred brush synthetic bristles-nylon, Citron and other materials, as well as brushes with natural schetinoybystro wear. In addition, within each natural bristles imeetsyakanal, which can collect bacteria. Toothpaste 1. Should contain fluorine compounds.

2. Children are encouraged children's toothpastes, as their composition vhoditneobhodimoe for children of drug substances. 3. Children under 12 years are recommended paste whose composition, addition of fluoride, including compounds of calcium. 4. When gum disease toothpaste should contain . Nutrition for caries prevention should reduce the consumption of sweets, especially sweets and chewy sweets. Eliminate them between meals write ipered sleep. On the contrary, include the child's diet more fresh fruits and vegetables, peanut butter, milk. Undesirable to use large quantities of juice, so they also contain sugar. Caries teeth affects a very early age. Very common "baby bottle tooth decay by". In no event toddler should not fall asleep sbutylochkoy mouth – sucrose, contained in childhood milk and juice ochenvredna for immature enamel. If necessary, make better use of water. Child's health – his health in later years. Healthy baby teeth, a prerequisite of healthy permanent teeth.