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How to restore your health? Everyone dreams about health, but not everyone knows how to restore it, or save it to the proper level. This article will tell you about it. 1.Fizicheskoe Health Our bodies are living on certain Life-laws, violation of which leads to disease. And in order to be healthy person, it is necessary to right living. Many are sick because they violate the laws of a healthy diet, are passive way life.

And it affects your health. Ayurveda – the Indian medicine recommends to give due consideration to its own rhythm of life. And if you listen to these simple tips, then half way already passed on your way to health. 2.Energeticheskoe Health When a person has violated the health of the energy, it naturally reflects the general state of health. There is weakness, fatigue, decreased body defenses. It is well helps yoga and breathing exercises. As well as the ability to control their emotions.

Since the constant stress and fear takes a lot of stamina. Therefore, we must also engage in meditation and relaxation to gain mental equilibrium. If you want to increase your energy level and restore its aura more quickly, it's good help bioenergetics. Only need to find a good specialist, who will return in a few sessions your energy health. 3.Mentalnoe health of most of our ills are of the wrong mindset. Scientists have proved that each idea has a magnetic property. It literally draws that constantly spinning in a person's head. It is therefore important to take care of your mind and use the power of thought to save and restore their health 4.Emotsionalnoe Health Emotions and feelings are also influenced by health of our body. Positive emotions have a positive impact, negative – lead to diseases. Especially dangerous emotions such as resentment, fear. The former can lead to oncological diseases, the second attract that person is afraid. Therefore, in order to maintain their health to be important to take care of their thoughts, emotions, their level of energy and of course the physical body. And just observing this integrated approach, can be – really healthy person, full of energy for up to go forward to meet their most secret desires.

Functional food products have an effect on the body, for example: improve the function of immune defense, prevent various diseases, control of physical and mental ailments. According to the report of the Ministry of Health of Japan, in the case of substances contained in functional food and supporting the health benefits, we can talk about isolated nutrients, dietary supplements or genetically modified substances in food. The composition of products functional foods may include: ballast substances, amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins, lactic acid bacteria, fatty saturated acids, minerals and vital substances from plants and antioxidants. Useful substances from plants in the functional food in this group are all chemicals that occur naturally in plants. Under this concept assembled, biologically active substances such as dyes, antibodies (protective substances) against pests and diseases, as well as growth regulators.

These plant compounds are not involved in primary metabolism and they have no nutritional effects on the body rights. However, they are involved in vital biochemical processes, providing the support for the body. Groups of these substances are extremely different in their chemical composition. They occur in small amounts, but have a pharmacological effect. By improving effect of secondary plant substances include such effects as anticarcinogenic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regulating blood pressure. Lactic acid bacteria in supermarkets, along with the traditional yogurt more often there are yogurts that says 'probiotic'. The difference lies in the presence and quantity of lactic acid bacteria. In the probiotic yogurt increased the number of living microorganisms. This increases the chance that a larger number of live microorganisms fall into the intestine and have a positive impact.

Alkaloid – nicotine is actually a chemical in tobacco that causes addiction. The more Number of nicotine in cigars are accustomed to smoker the harder it is to stop smoking. The report Massachusetts Department of Public Health found that the nicotine content in tobacco growing in the past six years. (MDS is one of the limited number of agencies that require producers of tobacco companies to submit annual reports on the quality of cigarettes.) Nicotine was found in all categories of cigarettes, including "ultra light" brands. Some researchers say the nicotine – an alkaloid addictive as hard drugs. In fact, nicotine has similar actions like heroin and cocaine, as well as chemically affects the tighter areas of the brain smoker.

Depending on the amount received from the smoke nicotine, he can act as a stimulant and also a sedative. Tobacco smoking has certain rapid positive results. * Reduce irritability. * Improving concentration and short-term memory. * Causes feel much better. * Improve health and save from a depressive mood.

Most smokers have a strong love for the first cigarette with which they start his morning, because the brain is particularly sensitive to the active rapid rise of nicotine in their body, after a rest (sleep). Nicotine – an alkaloid, which falls with the first daily cigarette increases the activity of the harmonic dopamine, a chemical in the brain that sense, a feeling akin to the rewards. Yet over the course, the nerve cells are less and less responsive to the alkaloid – nicotine. Fascination with tobacco become less enjoyable, and smoker increases the number of pipes smoked to accept the so-called 'mniimoe udovolstvie'. Smokers strong attachment to these effects very quickly and they need more Number of nicotine.