My Best Diet

for health and beauty

Mybukvalno swallow chunks of food, which is one of the causes gastritis, ulcers, and metabolic disorders. Indeed, early in the day with us every minute – their weight in gold. “The majority is trying to rid itself of unnecessary trouble of gray. But the rejection of the breakfast is incompatible with the formula for healthy eating – zamechaetekspert Natalia Petrova, specialist representative office food – it’s the process that manufacturers Household Appliances automated. Kitchen appliances are free to make coffee, cereal, and do so at a high level of skill and accuracy, which is always available hostesses. In addition, developers today emphasize not just cook and prepare healthy food. ” It is noteworthy that each dietitian his view on what should be the breakfast. Shortbread specialist in one – breakfast should necessarily consist of several product groups: fruits and vegetables, juices, cereals, dairy products. When , according to Valery Sergeyev, you should also take into account biological rhythms. “If you’re an early bird, we can easily wake up in Iran stand up – breakfast, you must have an abundant, – says the expert. – For “owl” fairly easy morning “charging”. Concentrated benefits If that is breakfast, nutritionists advise: accustom yourself to healthy food gradually. Start with the simplest thing: a banana, apple, grapefruit, orange. “Any breakfast, ideally, should start with a fruit or fresh fruit or vegetable juice – – Juice is part of a healthy, balanced diet – 100-300 ml per day, to fill the body with vitamins, trace elements, enzymes.

Still at the planning stage of pregnancy is necessary to reconsider their lifestyle, their habits. Healthy Eating Well, first of all, let's talk about food. I have a healthy diet. And what is it? Probably, everyone decides for himself. I have it – the refusal of fat, sweet, flour, canned. Of course the ideal option, all the same – the golden mean. And most importantly, dear women, no diets. During pregnancy planning body needs a lot of energy to what would emerged a new life. From x to tackle this energy, if the future mom is sitting 5 days on kefir, and then 6 days on apples? The body needs vitamins. In our time, probably can not do without vitamins "in boxes". Now on the shelves pharmacies, you can find a lot of this kind, especially for planning pregnancy. I started to drink vitamins as soon as we started with her husband planned the pregnancy, I drink a month, then 2 week break. In this mode, I continued to drink in during pregnancy and lactation. Of course, try to eat more natural vitamins – fruits and vegetables. As well as cheese, meat and fish – integral components of the diet. Bad habits as it is banal or sounds, but guys – quit smoking. This applies to both future mothers and Papochek. On the dangers of smoking Much has been written and everyone knows what is at stake. In any case, it's your decision and only you have the right to choose and decide.

As Mark Twain remarked another, “to quit smoking is easy, I’ve quit 100 times”. Are there still ways to get rid of this bad habit completely? The main thing that you need to do – is the presence of serious motivation. If you going to give up cigarettes because smoking unfashionable today, following the lead of a neighbor (and worse than I am? “), or because the Ministry of Health has once again warned the procedure is unlikely to be successful, but in vain . Remember how easily people who have had a heart attack, stop drinking, smoking and go on a diet. God forbid, of course, but this is an example that when it comes about as essential motifs, a man easily finds the strength change their habits. So if you’re going to have a healthy baby or put the sports record, then your chances of success are very high. But there is no universal recipes – you need to find something that is important to you personally. I threw smoking before the first in my life journey into the mountains, because I realized that with the stained light just does not I will go to the goal. So, if you have decided on the motivation, then once you buy a pack of cigarettes and say to yourself that it will the latter. Since then start to smoke only when it really wants. After all, most often we do not smoke because of the fact that there is a physical need, but out of habit – such as after a meal or to take a break work.

2 .- Noise Free Office Noise pollution is stressful, try to reduce noise to a minimum. If possible you can accompany with soft background music and relaxing. Music are on the market designed to foster the concentration 3 .- Make Sport sport at least three times a week, does not have to be a particular sport, or having to go to the gym, sometimes simply take the time, like walking to the office, leaving a little earlier if possible. Walking (walk under the sun gives a lot of energy). Up the stairs always forgetting the elevator trying to push a bit the thighs and buttocks.

4 .- Eat well to perform well is must be well nourished. It is important to have a complete and balanced diet. Time and adapt it to your needs but always with the quality front. 5 .- Reservata a sufficient time for you Just 15 minutes a day to be with yourself, either meditating with your feet up, buying a whim, a walk in the park or along the promenade of your city if there is sea, out to lunch or dinner one day a week with your friends. You deserve it! c 6 .- Take advantage of this, forget the past.

Forget the past and live the present, because of what you do this depends on your future, however the past and does not return. No good torturing of things that could be and were not, leave them parked as much out about learning, but nothing more. 7 .- Think positive. Positive mental attitude. Positivity helps you be better to perform better and all the events you can get the good side. Even in situations you do not like, in the worst case you will always learning and for free (you know how expensive is the training today). Also, if you take a negative situation learning that saves you time, effort and suffering in the future, this situation will be negatively transforming yourself into a blessing. If you faithfully follow these seven keys I gave you, I guarantee you’ll have better quality of life. This quality of life will result in greater effectiveness in your business that ultimately will result in you’ll be closer to that success without much effort and also with your health intact.

So that in the Latino population like ours, their incidence is between 7 to 17%. And while more risk factors are taken before pregnancy have greater risk of developing the disease, which due to the absence of maternal symptoms for diagnose it, must be sought in the deliberate in all patient pregnant with two or more risk factors mentioned above. . Diagnosis: Although risk factors are taken in about 50% of patients do not develop the disease, which is why they are designed screening aimed to capture the first among the general population and among patients with more factors Second risk to individuals carrying the disease. The first of these tests is called screening test, which is designed to be made to any pregnant woman, regardless of gestational age, the person does not need to fast, requires no preparation and is done by determining two doses of glucose, before and after ingestion of 50 g oral glucose diluted in water. The test is considered positive if blood glucose is greater than or equal to 130 mg 1 hr after glucose ingestion .. If the test is positive is due to perform a confirmatory test by conducting a Curve Oral Glucose Tolerance, which involves the determination of venous blood glucose levels in April, the first of three subsequent fasting and every hour after ingestion of 100 grams of glucose, Eeste examination was performed after week 24 of pregnancy and requires special preparation before, by eating a diet rich in carbohydrates before (at least 150g), three days before the study.

Often mixed and having to live in one city, the friction between them became common. Both doctrines, intolerant and bigoted, ached for supremacy but a Navy initiative, this was impossible. Those most favored this option were the noble Germanic Lutherans, unable to take their religion by the high costs involved. In Germany alone, there were over 360 princes who secretly sought to conspire against the king, who usually was a Catholic. With the things, the outbreak of the conflict was now inevitable. On March 20, 1619, death of the reigning emperor, Matthias (who left no heirs) precipitated events.

Emperor died, the Electoral College met on March 22 in Frankfurt to decide who should be the new king. He was the ruler of the Empire and body without their consent, the future emperor could not convene (Diets), levy taxes, enter into alliances or declare war. Was composed of three Catholic electors of Mainz, Cologne and Trier, voters Calvinists of Bohemia, the Palatine and Brandenburg, and finally, the Elector of Saxony, Lutheran religion. Philip II, was finally elected by a Catholic majority to the detriment of Maximilian I of Bavaria, a Catholic most knowledgeable and tolerant of religious practices. After his election, concern spread like wildfire throughout the Protestant world, who knew perfectly the ideals of the new emperor.

Here is lit the spark of the famous war of 30 years. Philip II was a devout Catholic. Therefore could never hide his contempt for the aristocracy Lutheran or Calvinist and their excessive appetites for power.