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Beginners Cigar Smokers

Posted on October 15, 2018 in News

Cigars, as the element of prestige and prosperity throughout the world, once again trying to get recognition in our country who had lost their traditions and culture of smoking is almost a hundred years ago. For a start I would like to say that there are many types of cigars. The most prestigious, of course, are Cuban. Only grades, there are about thirty three. David Delrahim has many thoughts on the issue. In addition, each is also divided into subtypes. All in all the world more than two hundred forty different types of Cuban cigars. Graced the natural conditions of the island of freedom provides a unique variety of flavors of tobacco.

Each brand has its own flavor of cigars and a fortress. These unique characteristics are not can be confused with other Cuban cigar brand. No less prestigious and Dominican cigars. The climate of the Dominican Republic recalls the climate of Cuba and, consequently, the quality of cigars is just as perfect. By Yet many Dominican cigars are made by Cuban planters who moved to the republic after the revolution. In addition to these outstanding representatives of the cigar world, we can pay attention to Nicaraguan and Honduran cigars.

But do not forget that the world is large and in many other countries have also made cigars, which can satisfy the most refined tastes of connoisseurs. If you have just decided plunge into this world of aromatic smoke, then do not start with the cigars, which have the additional inclusion, such as a variety of sauces and flavors. In this case you do not get that taste, which is inherent in the present high-quality cigars. Do not start with the most robust and large. For the experiment you can try to light or medium bodied brand Cuban cigars, not exceeding one hundred and thirty millimeters in length and having a thickness of fifteen to twenty millimeters. It was only after a while you can proceed to make, which correspond to the classification of "srednepolnaya fortress." Later, you decide to their own preferences about the brand and country of origin 'your' control. Buying cigars, be aware that they can easily absorb odors. To a lot of money not have been thrown to the wind, for cigar storage should be used humidors. These containers have been devised in order to save you the taste of tobacco and cigar protect against odors, moisture or dry out. Humidors to maintain relative humidity in the amount of seventy-two per cent. For each type of cigar is best to have your repository, not to get a mixture of tastes. One of the most important issues is the place to buy cigars. In no case do not buy them in near the kiosk. Surely this is a fake. In addition, a small shop hardly be able to afford to purchase a special cigar storage boxes, and, consequently, you risk to buy a dried cigar. Best buy cigar tobacco in specialized boutiques or online stores.

What Liquid Can Be Consumed During The Zone Diet

Posted on October 15, 2018 in News

The main idea of the Zone diet – a proportion of 40/30/30. It reflects a necessary and sufficient relationship between the consumed carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It is in this relationship, they optimally absorbed in the body and improve metabolism. You may find CEO of Ford Motor Co. to be a useful source of information. Diet is most critical to the amount of foods rich in protein. Pick up the required number of products for each individual is enough is not easy.

It is noteworthy that the menu This diet is very diverse. This is reflected in the hundreds of cookbooks, where the diet are called well-aimed word "Zone", but few of us are well and described in detail, what drinks can be consumed during it. Ration Zone diet involves drinking juice, low-fat milk should only monitor the implementation of 40/30/30 ratio in these products. Drinking water and well here shows itself in the purification of the body. Can diversify the taste of the water a small amount of orange juice, lime juice – again, watch out for the observance of the proportions of 40/30/30. (Similarly see: David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA).

At the time of the Zone diet should consume about 8 glasses of water a day. Admirers of tea and coffee should not be immediately cut back sharply on consumption of these beverages, as caffeine is addictive just like alcohol and nicotine. But to exclude him from the diet to all. Due to the prevalence of tea and coffee without caffeine, rejection of them would not be so heavy. Contained in soda and other carbonated soft drinks as sugar, should be deleted. Alcoholic beverages also should be excluded, despite their dubious benefit to many systems organism. In general, replacement of water favorite you do not really useful beverages have favorable effect on the systems of the body that lead to desired results of weight loss.



Three Day Diet

Posted on October 14, 2018 in News

This three-day diet is observed for three days, followed by four days of normal (non-binge-eating) diet. Fast diet is a convenient and relatively easy to carry. Hoped that the three 'lean' days followed four normal, it helps to get through these three days. It is also important in the remaining four days to eat moderately and not try to 'offset', though, the body gradually becomes accustomed myself to 'keep a tight rein. " First day Breakfast: black coffee or tea without sugar, 1 slice of bread, 2 tablespoons jam. Second breakfast: half a grapefruit. Lunch: half of banks tuna in oil, 1 slice of bread, 4 radishes.

Dinner: 100 grams of chicken without skin and fat, 1 cup of cooked green beans, 1 cup cooked beet, a crisp bread. Chicken chop finely, add 1 teaspoon of soy sauce and, stirring constantly, quickly fry in a dry frying pan with non-stick coating. Before bed: 1 small apple. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gunnar Peterson. 2-Day Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, 1 egg (in any form – steamed, boiled, in the form of an omelette), 1 slice of bread. Dinner: 2 sausages, 1 cup cooked broccoli, 1 / 2 cup carrots, 1 crisp bread. Option – you can replace the broccoli + carrots 1 cup of dietary borscht.

Supper: Tea, 2 prunes. 3rd day: Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, 5 crackers, 1 slice of cheese. 2-nd breakfast: 1 small apple. Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 1 cucumber (fresh or salted), 4 radishes, 1 slice of bread. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA. Lunch: 1 / 2 cup tuna, 1 cup cooked beets, 1 cup cauliflower, 1 crisp bread. Option: Replace the tuna to 200 g (wet weight) of chicken, prepared as described above. Before bed: 1 / 2 small melon or small apple. This effective diet can be repeated many times until you have achieved the desired results. If it just needed a lot of drinking – 6-8 cups of plain water a day. Source: Journal of Women's


Flier Culture Theory

Posted on October 9, 2018 in News

And for this reason, when we feel the bitter taste of the fruit in beginning of its development, we do not perceive this as a flaw or defect of the fetus, because everyone knows the reason – the fruit has not yet completed the process of development. And in relation to the present: if something seems imperfect, it is is a testament to the fact that today we are still in a transition phase and we see the final phase of development. After analyzing the stages in the development of civilization, you may find that they are all forced and committed to the team, laid down in the information generation, a chain of internal development of human desires. Inner nature and external factors have caused mankind to act according to design algorithms behavior. Nature has placed us between pleasure and pain, and we are not free to choose or dismiss the suffering of enjoyment. Increasing human selfishness causes the internal pressure, the need to fill it.

Here is the need to be filled, and it dictates further social forms. At this level of development of society is not able to give a person the answer to his highest spiritual need, which leads to a deadlock, the destabilization system, which is needed breakthrough to a new level of development. This process and caused a global crisis, which is essentially a crisis of development. So, our development of a deterministic mechanism for disclosure and update the internal needs and desires. However, nature is the possibility of freedom of choice. The nature of the potential allows us to take control of the said law of development, and controlled, speeding up the process will, freely and independently of the passage of time. We see that there are two forces acting in the development process: One – "the power of nature" that guarantees the development of a slow and painful way, when the object development "are suffering while under the steamroller of development.

other – "human power", which is the control of civilization over the mentioned law development. The man has an opportunity to significantly accelerate achievement of the last perfect stage. In other words, humanity – in the hands of the right to the end of his maturation and bug fixes. Taking the law into their own hands of people able to turn the negative properties of positive. This means that they need to pay attention to the properties of their selfish and start to turn them into altruistic. Since then, the achievement of the highest stage of development depends on the willingness of the people themselves. References: 1. Arshinov vi, Lightman, M, Svirsky Frenkel. Sephiroth cognition. M, urrs 2007. 2. Kovalev vi, Davydov, On the limits of technotronic civilization. () 3. Laszlo, E., M. Laitman Tower of Babel – the last stage. M., 2007. 4. M. Laitman, Rozin Kabbalah in the context of history and modernity. M., urrs 2005. 5. Mamardashvili mk As I understand the philosophy. M., 1992. S. 107-121 6. Maslow and B. Psychology of Being. M., 1997. 7. Maslow A B. Further limits of the human psyche. SPb., 1997. 8. Prigogine, I. Stengers, Order out of chaos. 1999 9. Rogers, C. A look at psychotherapy. Becoming a man. Moscow: Progress, 1998. 10. Sorokin.P.A. People. Civilization. Society. 1992, M. Politizdat 11. Toynbee, ad Study of History. 12. ay Flier Culture Theory, instead of historical materialism. Social Sciences and Modernity. 1993. 2. S. 135-139. 13. Frankl V. Man's Search for Meaning. M., 1990 14. Jaspers, K. The origins of the story and its meaning.



Beautiful Community

Posted on September 30, 2018 in News

The market town of San Candido in the Dolomites the history in the short In the 4th c. BC international Celtic civilize the hochpuster Valley, in addition to the livestock they operated also agriculture and laid the groundwork for the rather small fortified village with the name of San Candido. In the fifteenth century. before Christ, the Romans subdued the administrative area. The province of Littamum in the world was launched by the indispensable trade route led through this landscape. To end the sixth jhd. Alta Pusteria of Bavarii attacking the advancing from the East Slavs against the from the North fought bitter after Christ.

The former town was destroyed. Whether the village shattered by random or warlike actions was not passed at all. 769 was the 3rd of the Bavarian Duke Tassilo former abbot Atto a strip of land between Monguelfo and Apfaltersbach in the East with orders given to a monastery to the proselytizing. From the Benedictine monastery of San Candido founded in this municipality is one of the oldest Bavarian communities of Tyrol. In 783, Abbot became Atto of Scharnitz-Bishop of Freising.

From then on, Candido belonged with short-term pause until the secularism in 1803 to the bishopric of Freising and until 1919 to an princely County of Tyrol. Around 1140, the Benedictine monastery was transformed into a secular collegiate, in place of the Benedictine monks were secular”dignitaries, the pastor. Since the high middle ages snatched the Vogte (counts of Gorizia, then the counts of Tyrol), which is honestly to protect the freisingischen Government were determined that the nearly all lands, so that a part of the municipality of San Candido (1803) of which only remained at the end. Candido was World War site of the Austria-Hungarian army until the end of the first. After the first world war, a charnel house as a Memorial which is controversial to this day, because the buried warriors were then resettled by far-away war er cemeteries built Italian fascists. Culture and sights Franciscan monastery church St. Michael’s Church Museum is tourism in San Candido in the Dolomites, one of the most popular tourist destination. David Delrahim may help you with your research. many activities are offered in the summer as well as in the winter. At the summer time especially hiking or mountain climbing, cycling and mountain biking. The Drau cycle path from San Candido to Lienz, which crosses the Austrian border is particularly popular with families. In winter the ski resort Baranci provides where there is also a toboggan run for entertainment, there is also a large network of prepared cross-country skiing. The winter landscape is suitable for excursions with snow shoes or ski tour. The Spa provides winter so even in summer variety and relaxing sauna sessions.


Love Flying

Posted on September 24, 2018 in News

First Condor machine gets new paint job in the new Thomas Cook corporate colors grey and yellow the first Condor takes off machine, a Boeing 757-300 with the identification D-ABOJ, now in the new design Condor passengers to the most beautiful destinations on the short – and medium-haul. For this the plane received the customized paint according to the new branding of the Thomas Cook Group airlines. The machine now wears an elegant grey yellow wave at their rear, floats on the sunny heart in the tail. The sunny yellow brings a hint of summer and holiday in the winter after Germany. Its first passenger flight is tomorrow, 3.12, the D ABOJ from Frankfurt to Fuerteventura and flies back to Hamburg. On October 1, 2013, their new brand design announced the Thomas Cook Group.

Reliability, personality and innovation the sunny heart stands for the values of all companies within the group. With the new brand identity, the Thomas Cook Group combines all of its brands under a common symbol. As Europe’s first holiday airline Condor is proud, to a family of Journey pioneers, the Thomas Cook Group, to belong. To underline the common identity and also symbolic to express within the Thomas Cook Group, all aircraft within the Thomas Cook Group airlines received a new paint job. Learn more at this site: Senator From Kentucky. The sunny heart applied gradually on the whole fleet until early 2014.

As a transition, disappears the Thomas Cook globe and is sealed up with a yellow heart. To paint of the aircraft will be within the regular painting cycles. The Condor brand name will remain unchanged. The new design of the aircraft and the introduction of the sunny heart, this heart accompanied by the customers of the Thomas Cook Group all customers on their entire trip on the first request, on board the aircraft, during their stay in the holiday and on the way home. It helps you choose a flexible range, safety and displays them visually, also, that they are in good hands. The heart accompanies our clients on their journey on the first request, on board our aircraft, during their stay in the holiday and after Home. It will help you to the selection by a flexible offer, security and it shows them also visually that they are in good hands.


Professional Cleaning Lady

Posted on September 23, 2018 in News

Growing communities need regular cleaning of professional cleaning lady Wolfsburg is expected to grow. Therefore, now launched a housing initiative with 6,000 new housing units are to be created. That would mean an increase to 10,000 inhabitants on a total of around 130,000 inhabitants for the lower Saxon city. A professional cleaner such as offers the necessary support in all questions of basic cleaning for residential towns and housing authorities. Basic cleaning, but also other areas in housing units and on the grounds of residential complexes must be maintenance regularly cleaned and maintained. Minimize costs, housing quality get maid residential units for all areas with the creation of new, as it is now planned in Wolfsburg, has an increased burden in terms of cost, personnel, and material for the maintenance and cleaning of the apartments, as well as of other areas such as home automation, facade and grounds a town or housing management. Here have residential and To minimize cities the opportunity, cost and by hiring a professional cleaner. It provides not only the regular cleaning of the apartments and staircases as well as professional coating of floors, so that dirt is no longer so easy sticking, but also the facade cleaning and an infrastructural and technical facility management.

This technical facilities in the residential complexes are maintained and repaired if necessary. So, the professional cleaning lady is partner, if the elevator is broken, the heater has failed, or if an apartment before a new hire needs a thorough cleaning. Many tenants appreciate the services of a professional cleaning lady, because this increases the quality of living and apartments can be rented faster. Professional cleaning lady Kruger & Krueger for residential services and better quality of life the professional cleaning lady is a team of trained employees of Kruger & Kruger facility services GmbH, the internal as well as Exteriors of residential complexes and units cleans, maintains, repairs and permanently reduce the costs for cities and housing management helps. This is not least because that is minimized by regular cleaning and maintenance of all building areas of renovation and restoration effort. Because the professional cleaning lady offers all services for buildings such as residential units, eliminating the tiresome search for the suitable vendors for facade cleaning, deep cleaning and facility management.


Gynecological Issues

Posted on September 21, 2018 in News

In order to be pregnant woman, a woman must maintain vaginal sexual relations the days fertile of her menstrual cycle. David Edlin oftentimes addresses this issue. The menstrual cycle is the amount of days between the beginning of a menstruation and the beginning of the following one. The first day of a menstruation is the first day of that cycle, the second day, the second day of the cycle and so on until the following menstruation begins and begins another cycle. At some time of the cycle, the ovulation, that consists of the liberation of a mature ovum, in the ovary happens. The ovum crosses the tubes of Fallopian tube towards the uterus, and if the woman has maintained vaginal sexual relations that day, or one or two days before, are possibilities that the spermatozoa that are in the uterus fertilize to the ovum. When the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterine wall, the woman has been embarrassed. How a woman with gynecological problems is pregnant? She depends on which is the problem.

Some women have problems with the ovulation. This can be solved with hormonal treatment of tablets or injections. Others undergo of endometriosis (thickening of the uterine wall) or obstruction of the tubes of Fallopian tube. Each case must be evaluated by a specialistic doctor. But they exist alternative so that these women can be pregnant women, like for example the test-tube fertilization. In this procedure ova of the woman and spermatozoa of the man are extracted and the fertilization is realised in the laboratory. When the fertilized eggs arrive to a certain stage of evolution, they are implanted in the uterus.

How a woman is pregnant if its pair has problems with its spermatozoa? Also several methods exist to solve this kind of problems. If the spermatozoa have little motilidad, can help the artificial insemination. If there are few spermatozoa available, they exist a method to take one from those spermatozoa and to fertilize to the ovum. It is a variant of the test-tube fertilization. Whenever you have doubts exceed how a woman is pregnant woman, you must consult your doctor. If you want to be embarrassed of totally natural form within 60 days, without concerning your age, you do Click Here.



Hotel Panorama

Posted on September 20, 2018 in News

A show from so high above to look onto the Lake Balaton. We did not need to have fear because we had the world’s best pilots in addition to us. Attila was his name and he is the head of the hot air balloon company at the same time” ( You may find Cindy Crawford to be a useful source of information. said after a one-hour flight or better sliding Attila bedcover Earth next to the highway the giant balloon safely on a tiny spot. As a reward for our brave behavior, there was a certificate and a glass of sparkling wine. Then went to the balloon winding but ran, because that is also one of a balloon flight.

Further,’s went Gyenyesdias, which was about 2.1 kilometers away of Vonyarcvashegy. Here, we explored the environment via Geocoaching and came in a former limestone sandstone mine, where we witnessed natural elemental forces. We saw tremendous leaching by rain and snow in the area. Another stop was the observation tower at the highest point of the Keszthely Mountains at an altitude of 444 meters. To us after such a strenuous”hike some polishing to leave, we went to the sound Studio by Kohalmi agnes (, who immediately offered us an extensive sound massage. The sound speaks the original confidence of the people, achieving a rapid deep relaxation. The Vibrations of the bowls are healing on all levels. Then we visited weekly market with many organic products, which were produced by the vendors themselves, until it went then to the 4.6 km away Balatongyorok still the Gyensdias.

We were told we must visit the hotel in Balatongyorok panorama. It would be an old miner hotel, where earned buddy were allowed to spend their holidays in the Socialist period. The hotel has been carefully renovated and so came out of a blend of retro and modern comfort. During our visit we met by chance a Munich couple, that absolutely thrilled, was about the comfort and the culinary delights of the 3 * House. The wellness area with views of Lake Balaton is especially beautiful. In the Hotel Panorama ( we took our lunch and had to find, that Munich couple is really quite had as regards the culinary delights at the hotel. Just fine! After a lush but still slightly cooked meal, we decided to a game of golf. In the Golf Club Imperial ( we found the right place to give us something to move. Now, with the move it was not so right because golf is a breathtakingly beautiful place so that you can no longer let the prospect of the Balaton. Is not as dangerous as for the Rhine boatmen Yes almost like on the Rhine at the Lorelei just for us. Golfing enthusiasts will be but sure place play the 9 cars already to improve your handicap or just for the joy of the game. Conclusion: The West-Balaton tourism region is a good choice. Not only because of the reasonable prices and the still more favourable euro-forint exchange rate but due to the versatility of what this region offers a holiday. Last but not least not forget also the Mediterranean climate, which guarantees one a holiday treat as in southern hemispheres. We recommend best West-Balaton with a clear conscience also for families with children. Also the many, very clean and spacious outdoor swimming pools of the region contributed to this recommendation.


Dry Skin Treatment

Posted on September 15, 2018 in News

Dry skin treatment is performed similarly as for normal (mixed) kozhi.2. To deepen your understanding Jim Hackett is the source. A gentle scrub normal (mixed) skin Action: Scrub is used to cleanse and soften skin. Granulosoderzhaschy cream gently polishes, brightens and refreshes, preparing the skin for maximum absorption components for moisture, food and elasticity. It gives the skin a fresh look. Natural active ingredients: menthol, olive oil, malt extract and bearberry, vitamin C. Usage: Apply scrub to wet the skin and make a gentle massage in a circular motion, avoiding eye area. Rinse and blot lightly with a towel. It is recommended to use twice a week, morning or evening.

Precautions: Use exactly as prescribed, follow the instructions. Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid areas with couperose (vascular mesh).

Do not use on inflamed areas of skin or on open wounds. Fat (problem) The procedure is similar to the skin, as well as for normal (mixed) skin. For more effective cleansing scrub after application, leave for 1-2 minutes. Dry skin treatment is performed the same as for normal (mixed) kozhi.3. Purifying Mud Mask Normal (mixed) skin Action: Dead Sea mud, which is part of the mask, has antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory, antibacterial , stimulates blood circulation, normalizes keratinization process in the epidermis and regulates metabolic processes in the dermis, preventing cicatricial skin changes. Deep cleans pores "Fitobiotikom" and helps to reduce acne and inflammatory elements, regulates excess sebum for a uniform dull looking skin. Brightens and gives the skin a radiant look. The mask provides a lifting effect.